Spring has sprung and is already over in the anime world. It came and went faster than the people that legitimately enjoyed Eromanga-Sensei. Just like last seasons retrospective, we gathered those that can keep up with seasonal anime to get them to discuss what they enjoyed watching from the Spring 2017 season.

spring 2017 season - eromanga sensei

Dazza‘s Pick of the Season: Eromanga-Sensei

Speaking of legitimately enjoying Eromanga-Sensei, hi there! Though, I’d like to note that I watched it with my partner, who also enjoyed it. Can’t say the same of my housemates. In any case, for the Spring 2017 season, I really enjoyed the trash that was the newest entry in the “I Wanna Bang My Little Sister Cinematic Universe” that Tsukasa Fushimi has cooked up in his brain. As a semi-spin-off, semi-spiritual successor, semi… to OreImo, it does everything its predecessor does, but better.

While director Ryohei Takeshita (Assistant Director on New Game!) did a call out on Twitter a few months prior to airing asking for more animation staff, it seemed the show didn’t suffer all that much. I really enjoyed the detailed “art” that was simulcasted to my screen every week. Eromanga-Sensei is unique in that the main (and best) girl, the little sister Sagiri, had her own animator. This gave her an ungodly amount of great character animation that permeated throughout the series, couple that with her adorable personality and I was just having a fun time. Mind you, with some of the shots (NSFW!) they gave Sagiri, I did question why I was watching a show about a 15-year-old light novel author that was in love with his pervy 14-year-old little sister. Also, it might have been illegal where I live. Whatever.

In any case, if you liked OreImo, you’ll probably enjoy Eromanga-Sensei. Though if the premise of a light novel author building a harem that includes his little sister with an unfair level of character animation turns you off, I completely understand.

I also loved My Hero Academia S2 this season (and it’s continuing into the next), so I completely recommend that if Eromanga-Sensei isn’t your cup of tea. It features one of the best cuts of animation I’ve ever seen (Warning: Story Spoilers), so you won’t be disappointed.

spring 2017 season - little witch academia

Kori‘s Pick of the Season: Little Witch Academia

It’s pretty hard, if not even impossible, to distance the Little Witch Academia TV Series from its two predecessors. With the movies getting a lot of widespread recognition, it was already clear when the series got announced, that the TV adaption would absolutely have to stand up to what came before. And frankly, it was just as clear that this would be an insane task. The Little Witch Academia films have some of the strongest personalities I have witnessed in animation and although the series absolutely does have its own personality, it ends up paling in comparison.

So what’s missing? Where did the TV series go wrong? The answer to that may, in the end, turn out to be, that it became just a TV Series. I don’t want to say that more Little Witch Academia itself is an inherently bad thing, but rather that the switch in format has cost the franchise in several aspects.

As our good friends over at the Sakuga Blog have pointed out on several occasions in their weekly coverage, Little Witch Academia‘s biggest weakness lies in its comparative production. While still being a really strong series on its own, what it’s competing against was one of the most iconic pieces of animation from one of the most iconic studios in recent times. Competing with that is far from an easy task and something a TV production might not be able to handle. Although still expressive, bouncy and incredibly fun, Little Witch Academia TV has to put on the brakes more than once to keep up a proper production schedule and you really can’t fault them for it. Sadly, that does hinder it from going to quite the same lengths the movies did.

Having said all of this though, it’s probably a better idea to see Little Witch Academia TV as a bit more of its own thing. As much as it wasn’t at the same height as the original movies were, it still was a strong enough series to stand on its own two feet.

There were some rather weak episodes sprinkled into the mix, but overall the show continued being fun throughout its whole ride, mainly thanks to its incredibly likeable main cast. I don’t think there are many characters in anime that I feel in love with as fast as I did with Akko, her growth over the course of the series has only made me more attached to her.

The last few episodes of the series ended up being absolutely insane in their execution and made me change my verdict of Little Witch Academia from being an entertaining yet mildly unsatisfying watch to being something I genuinely liked a lot. It wasn’t just the last part either, though that I absolutely loved, and despite the rather dull middle of the series, the first 8 or so episodes were an absolute blast in exploring the world of Little Witch Academia more than we had ever been able to. I can’t say that the overall series was quite as good as the two movies before it, but at the very least, it was a very fun ride on its own.

Spring 2017 Season - Eccentric Family

Chris‘s Pick of the Season: The Eccentric Family S2

The Eccentric Family wasn’t quite a show many people would watch back when it first aired, and the same goes for the sequel that aired in the Spring 2017 season. But, the series has a loyal following of people excited for it each new week, and, to me, there are many reasons for that.

The show has always been one to excite and engage through a unique energy and flow to its writing and dialogue, and The Eccentric Family season 2 didn’t even bother trying to reestablish a feel for it but just jumped in with the same amount of eccentricity the original had to it. This time, it’s less a story of 4 sad tanuki brothers and the world around them, and more a story of the world surrounding these four racoon dogs. Benten, Kaisei, the Nidaime, they all become more prominent, while Yasaburo is shrouded in a veil of mystery towards his actions, making him appear both childish and mature, sometimes even at the same time.

But even when at its most energetic, The Eccentric Family manages to convince me just as much in the quieter moments, forging a strong bond to the emotions lived through by each character, even those that only get more focus this time around.

Spring 2017 Season - Re:Creators

Hippo‘s Pick of the Season: Re:Creators

From a first glance, Re:Creators seemed like a show that’d be an easy skip for me. As I’ve been an anime fan, battle series has become less and less of an interest to me. Re:Creators, as a battle series, does everything you can to make me watch a battle series right. Ei Aoki’s enjoyment of Hollywood cinema overflows in the exciting ways the action is framed, and the Sawano soundtrack helps bring that out. But, if it was just a cool action show, it wouldn’t have been a show I think so highly of. Re:Creators use of its core concept, “fictional characters come to life”, could’ve stopped there, but the series is never content to leave it at that. It consistently goes beyond that, and the characters toy with the new rules of their world. The relationships between the creators and the characters are always interesting to watch, the show clearly understands the passion that goes into creating art (which makes sense since anime is created by creators). Re:Creators has surprised me from the start with how much I enjoyed it, and I’m looking forward to the second cour throughout the Summer.

That’s it from the team! What anime did you enjoy in the Spring 2017 season? Let us know either in the comments below or on our social media accounts! If you want to talk to us directly, just click the link in our names.

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