The following article is a transcript of a Q&A panel with Taichi Ishidate, director of Beyond the Boundary and upcoming anime Violet Evergarden, both at Kyoto Animation, and TRUE, the singer of the opening for Violet Evergarden, Sound! Euphonium 2, and the second ending of Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, at AnimagiC 2017.

Just like the Haikyuu!! transcript, we couldn’t record the Q&A panel. We wrote everything down as it was told so questions and answers are not quotes but more the gist of what was said. Additionally, all answers were given in Japanese, translated into German by a translator and then translated into English by @Somatoshi and @Asukaratechop. Take this translation with a grain of salt.

Saturday’s Panel

Question @Ishidate: How difficult was it to switch from the Japanese landscape Kyoto Animation normally uses to the western/European one in Violet Evergarden?

Ishidate: It was extremely difficult. Drawing the backgrounds was hard since we wanted Violet Evergarden to take place in a European-esque setting. We had some references but didn’t actually visit Europe beforehand which I regret now. I should have come here earlier.

Question @TRUE: Why did you decide to become an anime singer/songwriter?

TRUE: Just like Ishidate [similar question before that we didn’t quite catch] I had a lot of good experiences through anime. That was the reason I wanted to do something with anime when I grew up and that’s why I became an anime singer.

Second OP of Sound! Euphonium 2, used to hear TRUE's song.

Question @Ishidate: This is Kyoto Animation’s first anime that focuses on the west. Did you make some adjustments for Violet Evergarden to reflect that? [I think the asker meant whether they changed something in the anime itself. The translator didn’t quite get this across.]

Ishidate: By now, anime is popular around the world. This news made it to Kyoto Animation as well and that’s why Violet Evergarden was chosen to be premiered in the west. We could have taken an anime with a more Japanese setting but we wanted to give you something that you are more accustomed to. [Might be related to the information at the beginning of the panel that Kyoto Animation themselves negotiated distribution rights.]


Question @TRUE: What is important for your job as a singer?

TRUE: My voice plays a huge part in my job. That’s why I try to care for it as much as I can. I try to be as easy as possible on it so it won’t get hoarse.

[Other questions that were asked were either really generic or totally out of place (one person referred to Ishidate as the mangaka and asked about the story). But there was one question that could be used as some “savage Ishidate” trivia]

Question @Ishidate: Did you direct other anime before Violet Evergarden? [We both sank into our chairs with shame.]

Ishidate: Hai. [Translator didn’t even bother translating]

(Editor Note: Ishidate debuted as a director on Beyond the Boundary in 2013 and has been an episode director on many of Kyoto Animation’s works).

Sunday’s Panel:

Question @Ishidate: What were your thoughts while working on the series. What can we expect?

Ishidate: The first episode shows where Violet starts. From now on she will visit lots of places, meet a lot of people and learn from them. Please look forward to it.


Question @TRUE: What was your inspiration while making this [the opening] song?

TRUE: Violet has to learn a lot of words one by one. That’s why I wanted to put every word in this song together as careful as possible and give it my all. Although self-praise is not recommended, I think I did pretty well.


Question @Ishidate: It is known that you like live-action films as well. How big is their impact on your series? Did you watch certain European movies while preparing for Violet Evergarden?

Ishidate: I am influenced very much by them. But this is not limited to live-action but to all kinds of motion picture. I want to see as much as I possibly can. I have a lot of favourite western films and am not sure what I’m allowed to say, but to name one, I love Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar.


Question @Ishidate: How long does it take to produce an anime episode?

Ishidate: If we look from the early planning stages to the finished product then we are talking 1-2 years. If we only count from the moment we start drawing and animating the episode, then it is usually about 2 and half months.

Violet Evergarden

Question @TRUE: How do you come up with your songs?

TRUE: Usually I get to know the anime first and then try to create the most fitting song for it.

Question @Ishidate: [The asker noticed some asynchronicity between the hand-drawn and the CGI parts in one of the scenes.]

Ishidate: Backgrounds are done in 3D while the characters are hand-drawn. It is quite a challenging task to bring them together to one picture and I have to admit, I don’t always get it 100% right.


Question @Ishidate: Which European influences flew into Violet Evergarden? [Similar to  the question on Saturday but Ishidate expanded answered differently.]

Ishidate: We wanted Leiden to be a European city and first thought about setting it in Great Britain, but that’s a very cold place and would fit Violet too much. We chose somewhere warmer to create a stronger contrast. A place where people would wear shorts and shirts, and only Violet wouldn’t fit in as a cold/unhappy person. This would allow us to create more friction.


Question @Ishidate: Where do you find the motivation through tough times? [e.g. huge workloads in the anime industry, writer’s block, etc.]

Ishidate: If you are really passionate about it, you will surpass it. If you meet a point where you can’t progress anymore, that might be the extent of your passion and you should try something else. If you truly love what you do, nothing will be able to stop you.


Question @Ishidate: Why did you decide to do a series and not a film?

Ishidate: The episodic nature of Violet’s jobs and the length of the story fit a TV series much better so we decided to go with that.


Question @Ishidate: What chances do you see with a big distributor like Netflix entering the industry?

Ishidate: [He was clearly caught off guard with this question (no wonder, it’s not his job to know that). He let out a long “eto” before speaking] We produced Violet Evergarden and Netflix approached us since they wanted to take care of the international distribution. I don’t know much more and sadly we don’t have anyone from Netflix here we could ask.


Question @Ishidate: Can you tell us something about working with Takase, as she’s still very new to the industry and this is her first major work?

Ishidate: Takase is pretty new and doesn’t have a lot of experience yet. Since I don’t do character design, I can’t help [translator said “assess”] her with that. We consult with each other whenever we both lack experience and work alongside like that.

I have gotten to really like this though. With experienced character designers, everything is already “finished”. You can always talk about it but usually you trust in their experience in the end. However, talking about it with one another helps creating synergy effects that can lead to completely new things. I really enjoy this.


Question: What is currently your favorite anime? [maybe it was “recent” or Ishidate just wanted to dodge the question]

TRUE: I like sports anime or anime that are about youth.

Ishidate: I used to go to the cinema a lot, but I have a child now so all my free time goes towards my family.




  • Violet Evergarden Yui Ishikawa
  • Claudia Hodgins Takehito Koyasu
  • Gilbert Bougainville Daisuke Namikawa
  • Cattleya Baudelaire Aya Endo
  • Benedict Blue Koki Uchiyama
  • Tiffany Evergarden Toshiko Sawada
  • Oliver Satoshi Taki
  • Lillian – Rie Hikisaka
  • Nerine – Aya Saito

Executive Producers

  • Yoko Hatta
  • Yoko Kosawa
  • Masayuki Nishide
  • Shunji Inoue
  • Yota Tsuruoka


Based on the novel

“Violet Evergarden”
written by Kana Akatsuki

(KA Kouma Bunko/Kyoto Animation)



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Character Design

  • Akiko Takase


  • Taichi Ishidate


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Recording Studio



Sound Production



Theme Song


Lyrics by Miho Karasawa
Composed by Shota Horie
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Official Website


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In Association with Netflix


Violet Evergarden Production Committee

Kyoto Animation

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Kyoto Animation

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  • Shigaru Saito

Planning Producer

  • Hideaki Hatta


  • Taichi Ishidate

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