Good news and bad news for UQ Holder! fans has just been announced. The good news is that the announcement teased a bit ago is an anime!

No info yet on who the staff or studio are for the UQ Holder! anime, nor the episode count yet, only that it’s in production. I’m excited to see new info about this new anime as the months go by, and hopefully it’s news to get fans of the series excited, and not news that will make us cower in fear. I personally can’t wait until we get to see a key visual, or some voice actor announcements.

This news won’t come to no surprise as most of Akamatsu‘s previous works like Love Hina and Negima, which UQ Holder! is a sequel to, have gotten adaptations in the past. There is however, some bad news as well…

What could UQ Holder!’s bad news be?

UQ Holder will be going on a hiatus sometime in the near future to prepare for Akamatsu moving the series to Bessatsu Shonen Magazine in the November issue, which is the monthly magazine. While this means the chapters might be longer, it means we’ll be waiting a lot longer in between chapters. It’s understandable why this has happened though as Akamatsu has been doing manga basically non stop since 1994, most of that on a weekly schedule. The chapters for UQ Holder were already a couple pages shorter on average then other titles in the magazine making it seem like he couldn’t keep up with the schedule or wanted to take a break. I do hope that the current arc ends before going on hiatus, I’d rather not have to wait a couple of months to find out what happens during the current fight against the old crew from Negima!

How do you feel about this news?  Does the announcement of a hiatus and move to monthly sour your excitement for the anime?  Are you even excited for the anime?  Leave your thoughts below.

Posted by Alex Jackson

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