2016 marks the 50th anniversary of Tsuburaya Productions‘ long running Ultraman franchise and with it comes a new instalmentUltraman Orb.

The official Tsuburaya Productions YouTube channel has posted a new trailer for Ultraman Orb. The trailer showcases new scenes of the show such as the main character, Kurenai Gai (played by Hideo Ishiguro)’s transformation into Ultraman Orb, as well as the different forms of Ultraman Orb.

In addition, the trailer also tells us about the show’s backstory as well as it’s premise:

Long ago, the Devil King Beasts appeared and threatened to destroy the world but were defeated by the Giants of Light and sealed away. As time moved on and the modern era arrived. Naomi, Jetter, and Shinya of the SSP website meet a mysterious young man: Kurenai Gai, a man who travels the world. Using the Orb Ring and cards which represent the powers of legendary Ultraman from the past, Gai becomes Ultraman Orb to fight the revived threat of the Devil King Beasts.

In addition to the information showcased in the trailer, it was announced at the 2016 Tokyo Toy Show that legendary anisong singer Mizuki Ichiro will be performing the Opening Theme song for Ultraman Orb. Mizuki‘s last venture into providing a theme song for a Tokusatsu series had him perform the Ending Theme Song for the 31st installment in Toei‘s long running Super Sentai franchise, Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger. The opening theme song will be titled Orb no Inori(Orb’s Prayer) with the lyrics being provided by member of the Japanese rock band THE ALFEEToshihiko Takamizawa.

Ultraman Orb

The cast of Ultraman Orb as well as Mizuki Ichiro and the Director, Taguchi Kiyotaka.


Above is a video from the presentation at the Tokyo Toy Show which showcases even more new footage.

Ultraman Orb marks as the fourth consecutive new installment in the Ultraman franchise after it’s 6 year long absence from a proper new TV installment in the franchise. The previous 3 being Ultraman Ginga, it’s direct sequel Ultraman Ginga S and last year’s Ultraman X. Prior to Ultraman Ginga, the last proper TV installment in the Ultraman franchise was 2006’s Ultraman Mebius. All of these along with other Ultraman shows are available to be legally streamed on Crunchyroll, with hopefully Orb joining their large lineup as well though nothing has been announced yet.

Ultraman Orb is set to premiere on July 9th at 9 AM in Japan. It will be replacing New Ultraman Retsuden, and will run for 25 episodes. Ultraman Orb‘s head director, Kiyotaka Taguchi will be returning from Ultraman X along with head writers Takao Nakano and Yuji Kobayashi. Additionally, Amazon has announced that they’re gonna be releasing a spinoff series in December for international release on their Amazon Prime platform.

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