To celebrate AKB48’s 44th single being out today, we’ve decided to rank the 6 new songs along with their music videos which are included within the single, Tsubasa wa Iranai. They are ranked from least to most favorite. 

With that, let’s begin!

Number #6: Team 8 – Yume e no Route

If I were to describe Yume e no Route it would be, forgettable, from the song being a kinda standard Idol J-Pop song to the music video being nothing to write home about. It honestly kinda reminds me of Iiwake Maybe but instead of having the girls ride bicycles in that, they’re running in Yume e no Route

However, the biggest difference between Iiwake Maybe & Yume e no Route is that Iiwake Maybe is at least catchy and sticks in your mind while Yume e no Route doesn’t, even while writing about it I don’t remember the song at all.

Number #5: AKB48 44th Single – Tsubasa wa Iranai

Number 5 indeed goes to the featured song itself.

Let me first say that Tsubasa wa Iranai isn’t a bad song per se, far from it! It’s just kind of alright, it’s the kind of song you’d put on when you want to cheer yourself up or sing with your friends around a campfire. As for the full 12 minute music video, there are some pros & cons to it.

The pros are the story it tells surrounding Sayanee, Yukirin, Mayuyu & Mion. I felt like I really was living with them in Japan during the 1970s when all the Student Protests were happening. As well as experiencing all the happy & unhappy moments they were experiencing, which accumulated into the performance of the song, ending the video on an happier note. It was nice that the video uses 2 clips from actual 1970s Japan, which wasn’t needed but was cool to see added in there.

As for the cons, it’s the fact that all the footage before the performance of the song is reused during the performance. Sure you can make the argument that while they are singing they’re reminiscing about their past, but it still comes across as lazy. Which does unfortunately bring it down considering I do really like the song & music video outside of those issues.

Number #4: Team B – Koi wo suru to Baka wo Miru

Team B in my eyes always had this cute fun loving image surrounding it, and this song perfectly encapsulates that, with Koi wo suru to Baka wo Miru being very fun & happy with some really catchy parts that can get stuck in your head easily. Meanwhile the Music Video gives off a very similar image by showcasing the girls having fun & holding what appears to be a festival in a public bathhouse, complete with a portable shrine.

I also like how Mayuyu & Yukirin are depicted as the figure heads of the Team, which granted they kinda are, though the milk part of the video is bit weird, but besides that I really like everything about this Coupling Song!

Number #3: Team A – Set Me Free

How I’d describe Set Me Free is that it’s like a classy yet fun party, and that’s basically what it is. The song goes for an a lot more classy yet cool vibe with hints of sexy & fun with the video showcasing the exact opposite by going for more of the sexy & fun side while having little hints of classy coolness.

The combination of the video & song makes it so that they compliment each other really well with the end result being a really nice and complete package. As a bonus there’s some quality Paruru, Yuihan & Sakura in there as well as a really unique looking Shiichan.

showcasing the exact opposite by going for more of the sexy & fun side while having little hints of classy coolness.

Before we continue to Number 2, I do wanna quickly mention that it was a really tough decision to choose between the remaining two songs.

Number #2: Team K – Aishuu no Trumpeter

For someone like myself who’s Colombian and thus has Latin blood running through their veins, THIS SONG JUST MAKES ME WANT TO GET UP AND DANCE! A large part of that is because of the trumpets and other instruments that are used, but the combination of those along with the vocals of all the girls just makes me love everything about this song!

As for the music video sure it’s weird, but the color contrasts along with the way certain parts are shot like the heads surrounded by the flowers or the solo shots of the girls in the dark to the contrasting “yuri” shots of the girls surrounded by color make me just fall completely in love with this video. Even clothing is used really well in this light-dark contrast with the different types of dresses the girls wear. This music video, talking from an artistic standpoint is just fantastic.

I’ve always had a slight bias towards Team K and this just adds towards that bias because everything I’ve seen of Team K has just made me love them more & more each time. It also helps that Haruppi & Sayanee look amazing in this.

Five down, only one left to go, without further ado, my favorite song out of 44th single release songs is…

Number #1: Team 4 – Kangaeru Hito

I’ve always been a sucker for cool rock-esque sounding songs, and this song delivers on that front! The combination of the instruments with the vocals of the girls gives this amazing unity that I just love, add a really good build-up to the chorus which is just great and you already have a song I’ll dig.

But then Music Video is added to the mix, and while Aishuu no Trumpeter is great for a video that has no special effects put into it what’s so ever. Kangaeru Hito is great for a video that’s for the most part entirely made up out of special effects. Just the very thought of it all taking place on a computer monitor with individual files showcasing close-ups of the girls singing and/or dancing, to the fact that you actually see the Music Video being edited on this monitor as well as the entire 2nd chorus where the video turns 3 Dimensional while the files of the girls’ dancing is still 2D is just mindblowingly cool to me!

The people who pitched the idea for this video & actually realized it should get a raise because I have nothing but respect & praise for all the people involved in the creation of this music video. It also helps that my Oshimen, Okada Nana is one of the Double Centers in it.


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