If you have been keeping up with this anime season you have probably heard of a show called Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, an anime set during a steampunk-based era where zombie-like beings called Kabane overrun the world, which has spawn many glorious cosplays, especially of Mumei, the main lead girl and overall badass.  

mumei battle

Not only is Mumei adorable but she is an INSANE badass! It’d be a challenge to fit all this into one little character, wouldn’t it? 

What’s that? A challenge you say? Well, this challenge has already been taken up by some brave cosplayers, who have portrayed their interpretation of this tiny ball of waifu material. In recognition of their efforts I’ve have decided to rank my top 5 favourite Mumei cosplayers!

sle mumei

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to it!

(NOTE: Link’s to the original albums and photographers can be found in the images, or the paragraphs)

Who is the best Mumei?

#5 – Chihiro

Chihiro cosplay

Chihiro cosplay2

First up on our list is Chihiro, a cosplayer who looks beautiful in any cosplay she does. You can tell she’s a pro by the way she poses in her character. Her costume, props and set are only further tied together by the fantastic photography work done by Moe Photography. It is clear that everything she’s done has a great deal of care put into them, which ties together perfectly to give the whole cosplay a beautiful professional look.

#4 – Sakura Juhatoshi

Sakura cosplay Sakura cosplay2

The next one on our list is cosplayer and regular Lolita Sakura Juhatoshi. You can see in these photos of sakura’s cosplay that she has got the posing and mannerisms for Mumei down perfectly. She shows off the Kimono version of her adorably, and it almost looks as if the character was made for her. Sakura’s smile draws you into the photos and if I were to pick anything to fault, it would be that her smile is almost too sweet for a character that spends a lot of the time looking bored.

#3 – Misa Chiang

Misa cosplay3  Misa cosplay2Misa cosplay

Misa, is a world renowned cosplayer and has portrayed so many characters with an uncanny amount of skill. Her portrayal of Mumei is no exception. Remember that insane amount of badassery I mentioned before? Well, Misa’s photos definitely shows it. Her posing fits in with the action based nature of the show without leaving out that bit of cuteness that Mumei embodies.

If you like these photos I highly suggest you go check out her cosplays of Tatsumaki from One Punch Man and Re:Zero.


#2 – Neneko



Next up on our list of kawaii cosplayers of Mumei is Neneko! I really can’t say enough about how adorable this girl is! She has a massive list of cosplays that she has done, with a good variety of different characters, but no matter who it is she can make that character look amazing. How is it possible that she can pull off a badass character like Mumei while looking that cute?! It’s not fair!

Neneko’s interpretation of Mumei has amazing charm showing off her own personal skill while still staying true to the character and that is the biggest reason I believe that she deserves recognition in this list.

#1 -Xiao Rou (小柔SeeU)

coser coser4 coser2

Our amazing number one Mumei is Xiao Rou, a cosplayer with an exceptional skill for cosplaying, who consistently steps up a her game with every new cosplay she does. She’s cosplayed both the kimono and battle versions of Mumei, pulling them off so flawlessly the photos look like they have been taken straight out of the anime. There really isn’t much more I can say about this wonderfully accurate cosplay except that I urge you to experience these photos for yourself.


What did you think of this list? Did I miss anyone?

I’m always open to checking out new or upcoming cosplayers so if you have any suggestions let me know in the comments below.


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