In a survey conducted in Japan by Livedoor, anime-loving Japanese college students rank their favourite anime studio, based on the work they have produced. Do remember that it’s not the studio that matters, but the people working on the production of the show.

It’s no surprise that when two people are talking about anime, someone pipes up and asks “What studio made it?”. While the people at the studio are more important and can change on a whim. See Shingo Nastume and his work at Bones/Madhouse. The use of a certain studio can bring good PR, and in some cases, better talent.

Anime studios

The survey was conducted in September 2016, and includes a sample size of 122 males, 123 females, to make 235 participants!

In Japan, just like the west, certain studios have more name recognition than others. These are the top 5 anime studio according to Japanese college students and some comments from them:

The Anime Studio list!

5. Shaft (Monogatari, March Comes in like a Lion)

  • Madoka Magica was amazing! (Male/25 Years old/4th Year Uni Student)
  • I love their avant garde designs. (Female/22 Years old/4th Year Uni Student)
  • Beautiful animation! (Female/22 Years old/4th Year Uni Student)


4. Production I.G (Psycho Pass, Haikyuu!) 

  • I’m a fan of Ghost in the Shell.(Male/22 Years old/From a vocational school)
  • They often make interesting works!(Female/23 Years old/4th Year Uni Student)
  • They make anime that I often like.(Female/21 Years old/2nd Year Uni Student)


3. Sunrise (Love Live!, Code Geass) 

  • Because they made Gintama. (Female/22 Years old/4th Year Uni Student)
  • Love Live gods. (Male/19 Years old/1st Year Uni Student)
  • The Gundam series is great! (Male/19 Years old/2nd Year Uni Student)


2. Kyoto Animation (Haruhi Suzumiya, Sound! Euphonium)

  • They take care in their animation. (Male/22 Years old/4th Year Uni Student)
  • The animation has a sense of stability and beauty. (Female/19 Years old/2nd Year Uni Student)
  • The subtle feelings of people are expressed beautifully. (Female/23 Years old/Graduate Student)


1. Toei Animation (One Piece, Dragon Ball, Kyousougiga)

  • (Their shows) are funny and epic. (Male/18 Years old/1st Year Uni Student)
  • They often make my favourite anime. (Female/18 Years Old/1st Year Uni Student)
  • Trust and results. (Female/20 Years old/3rd Year Uni Student)


The other anime studios that didn’t make the top 5!

These are some other studios that just made it out of the top 5 were –

PA. Works (Kuromukuro, Shirobako)

  • Recently they have been getting a good reputation. (Female/19 Years Old/2nd Year Uni Student)


Dogo Kobo (New Game!, Yuru Yuri)

  • I think they have a more skilled production and are better than others! (Male/18 Years old/1st Year Uni Student)


COAT Animation (Do not look this up!)

  • Because there is a greatness that is differs from others. (Male/22 Years old/Uni of NicoNico)

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