20-year old singer-songwriter and former idol of the group Secret Girls, Tomita Mayu (and not the former AKB48 member) who was tragically stabbed 20 times in the neck and chest with a knife by 27-year old Tomohiro Iwazaki on May 21st has finally regained consciousness on the evening of June 7th as reported by Nippon Television, SanspoSankei news as well as 47 News.

Tomita Mayu

Tomita has been receiving medical treatment in ICU since the incident, and it’s the first time that she has regained consciousness in about 2 weeks. Sankai News reported that even though the wounds in her neck area created a serious injury to her neck, luckily her heart and internal organs were not damaged by the stabbings. The Metropolitan Police Department will overhear the details of the incident from Tomita once her condition stabilizes and they have received approval from the doctor.

Police found Iwazaki at the scene and have arrested him on the charge of attempted murder. According to police, Iwazaki allegedly admitted that he had stabbed Tomita due to her returning a gift he had sent her, without clearly explaining the reason why. He had allegedly been waiting for her at the station to ask her about the gift.

Police have stated that Tomita approached them about Iwazaki earlier in the month prior to the incident, claiming that he had been sending her messages on Twitter and on her blog.

Additionally, the Sanspo website had reported on Tuesday that the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office has begun a psychiatric evaluation of the 27-year-old suspect Tomohiro Iwazaki on Monday to determine if he can be held criminally liable for the time of the offense.

Tomita was originally scheduled to perform at a venue in Koganei, Tokyo on the night of the attack. However due to the attack, Singer Ray and idol unit AŌP had cancelled their scheduled handshake events that were taking place in the same weekend of the attack.

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