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Anime Streaming

The Good Points of Netflix and Amazon Anime Streaming

From a consumer standpoint, Netflix and Amazon get a bad wrap in the anime community. But, when you take a look from a business standpoint, for the anime industry, they’re...

/ May 11, 2017
Little Witch Academia

Little Witch Academia Anime Series Reveals Trailer, Key Visual and Cast/Staff

The official website for the Little Witch Academia anime series has opened, revealing the first trailer, a key visual, the cast & staff, and even the main story.

/ October 9, 2016

Netflix Reveals Kuromukuro Season 2’s Release Date and Dub Confirmed?

Season 2 of Kuromukuro (Episodes 14-26) finally has a release date on Netflix, but is a dub coming out too?

/ September 19, 2016
Death Note

Netflix’s Death Note Changes Names, and Reveals Cast!

The live action movie adaption of Death Note produced by Netflix has recently started production and has announced more of it’s cast and characters as of late. Netflix also says...

/ July 1, 2016

Kuromukuro has a Netflix Release Date With A Catch

PA Works’ 15th Anniversary show Kuromukuro finally has a worldwide Netflix release date but there’s a small catch.

/ June 20, 2016

Magi: Adventure of Sinbad has a Netflix Release Date, but does Kuromukuro?

Magi: Adventure of Sinbad, the 2016 spin off series of Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic finally has a worldwide Netflix release date. But does Kuromukuro have one too?

/ June 17, 2016

The Competition of Anime Streaming

Anime streaming is a dog eat dog world and the competition in it will continue to go on, as more and more services decide to take their slice in the...

/ June 11, 2016