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What Anime We Liked Watching In Spring 2017 Season

Spring has sprung and is already over in the anime world. It came and went faster than the people that legitimately enjoyed Eromanga-Sensei. Just like last seasons retrospective, we gathered those that...

/ July 9, 2017

Narrative Through Fighting in My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is an anime that is rich for analysis. It takes the aspects of various battle shonen anime and executes them well. Executing those tropes deeper than some...

/ July 1, 2017

Funimation Announces Their Summer 2016 Broadcast Dub Lineup

Funimation have announced their Broadcast Dub lineup for the Summer 2016 season and it’s their biggest and boldest yet.

/ July 14, 2016
My Hero Academia

Have No Fear, Season 2 of My Hero Academia Is Here!

Surprising absolutely no one, My Hero Academia is getting a second season! When? Well, that’s a different question all together.

/ June 23, 2016
My Hero Academia

How does the My Hero Academia Broadcast Dub stand up?

Have no fear, because I am here … to compare the broadcast dub and the sub of My Hero Academia. Just like every big show FUNimation¬†simulcasts (except Dagashi Kashi), there...

/ June 2, 2016