Fans of the hit series Sword Art Online have some good news coming their way! The 18th novel, which came out yesterday in Japan, included a big announcement for the future of the franchise!

What is this new Sword Art Online announcement?

Sword Art Online news

The end of the latest Sword Art Online novel, titled Alicization Lasting, wrapped up the Alicization arc, and was the longest for the series. At the end of the novel, there was a special message to fans of the series.

The message, accompanied by a picture of Kirito was just “Kirito will return”, signalling that a new arc of the Light novel would be beginning. The new arc will begin in 2017 with volume 19. Lots of people were wondering if the series would end at the 18th volume, as it adapted the final chapters of the original web novel. Fans worried should be happy to learn this isn’t the case.

There’s been no news on the synopsis or plot of the new arc just yet.

This announcement would be some more happy news for fans of the series, after the controversial news that the series would be receiving an live action American TV show. The series has previously inspired two TV anime series, countless manga adaptions, and an upcoming original anime movie. It seems Sword Art Online is here to stay!

Personally, I consider myself a fan of the series, so I’m happy about this news. Though the quality of the series has been hotly debated in the community for good reason, and that, in my opinion, the series many huge flaws, it still has a special place in my heart. The reason is that it’s one of the first anime I saw.

How do you feel about the Sword Art Online light novels continuing? Are you glad there’s going to be more? Are you disappointed that your least favorite franchise is getting more content? Please leave your thoughts below!

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