For the 7th year in a row, I once again attended the Supanova Sydney convention for 2017. I learned some new info on all things anime and just having plain fun.

Logitech’s booth showcasing various gamers competing against each other.

As with last year, I attended Supanova on Sunday the 18th of June. Choosing that day as before due to not as many people being around and the fact that I wanted to be in attendance for Madman’s industry panel. Hoping to hear any more news or just to see what they had to present.

Thankfully the day, while being cold and windy, was still pretty light and didn’t rain at all. Meaning that lining up for tickets wasn’t a hassle and I got inside quickly. Upon getting into Supanova, I gladly took my show bag and made myself familiar with the area. Certain locations having been changed around with the artist’s alley being moved to the neighbouring building. Afterwards, it was time for Madman’s panel which I took the front seat for.

Madman’s Industry Panel

Madman’s booth, showcasing the One Punch Man minigame for fans to try out, just for fun.

Hosted by their Product & Marketing Manager Sylvester ‘Sly’ Ip, Madman’s panel was simple with no major news but still had some interesting reveals.

  • They showed the upcoming limited edition sets for Himouto Umaru-chanGATE and Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions.
  • Advertising AnimeLab with mention of Attack on Titan Season 2’s popularity and Season 3’s very recent announcement.
  • Talking about their theatrical slate including Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic (at which I was the only one to raise their hand when Sly asked if anyone saw it) and the re-screenings for Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale’s dub from June 29.
  • The upcoming screenings of the first 3 Rebuild of Evangelion films for their 10th anniversary. They will be shown in their director’s cut versions subbed from July 20. Cinemas will be handing out posters to fans attending the first screenings.
  • They will be announcing new guests very soon for the final Madman Anime Festival of the year in Melbourne taking place on November 4-5.
  • Lastly was the Q&A. During which I learned their recent licence acquisition of Accel World Infinite Burst will receive a subbed only home video release towards the end of 2017. As well as that more theatrical screenings are coming but they have yet to finalise them so no announcements yet.
  • Another person asked on My Hero Academia’s licencing situation. Sly explained how AnimeLab only received the streaming rights to Season 1 for a limited time with home video unlikely. Adding that Funimation plans to continue distributing their shows in Australia themselves. He ended by assuring that Madman will continue to licence more anime in the future including certain Funimation titles.

At Siren Visual’s Booth

Siren Visual’s booth with a Bojack Horseman cutout on the left to advertise its DVD release

After that, I walked around the centre for awhile until I found myself at Siren Visual’s booth. Showing off all their releases, anime or otherwise. Including their exclusively first worldwide release of the Netflix Original series Bojack Horseman on DVD.

Talking with the guys there, I once again learned that the Tiger and Bunny: The Rising film is still off the table for any kind of future release. As well, they have no intention of re-releasing Chihayafuru with the English dub Sentai Filmworks is making for it.

They also have no new anime releases coming in the next few months outside of Part 3 of Durarara x2 in July. Relating to that, they also shared with me that they were actually sent the OVA episodes for Durarara x2 but weren’t allowed to release them.

However, they do intend to start re-releasing some of their titles on Blu-ray as a way to fill in the time. There are no plans for streaming their anime this year, but noted it would be a possibility for next year. All of this while noting that they are still ironing things out after the buy out.

At Hanabee’s Booth


The side of Hanabee’s booth with the Rooster Teeth logo and merch on the inside

Finally, I approached Hanabee‘s booth, showing their range of anime DVDs & Blu-rays as well as Rooster Teeth merch. With RWBY star Arryn Zech being one of Supanova’s guests and was stationed at Hanabee’s booth for autographs.

I went about asking the workers on what happened to Hanabee’s streaming site, which had gone offline last year with no warning. I was directed to Claire McCormack (who handles marketing and sales) and was told how they had apparently posted online about the site being taken down for maintenance (NOTE: at the time of this article I still have yet to find any post from Hanabee referencing the site’s downtime). A new streaming site is being made and in beta stages with plans to open in the next several months.

After that, Claire and I had a long talk about all things anime. Including Hanabee’s upcoming releases of DanMachi and Perfect Insider in July. As well as their soon to be announced August slate of Monster Musume and Castle Town Dandelion. Anything afterwards is ‘TBA’.

The talks regarding Hanabee’s streaming situation also kept going as I brought up their promise to stream God Eater on their site never came true. As well as the fact that their site was the only place in Australia streaming Bakemonogatari. Claire promising to look into both situations after the convention was done, which I’m very glad about.

Additionally, they are very much aware of the No Game No Life Zero movie but have not licenced it yet. Commenting they would like to do a theatrical release for it if they do get it. They are also inundated with demands for Kizumonogatari, but there’s still no news on that front.

Having Some Supa-Fun at Supanova

Other than all that, it was a largely relaxing con day. I was walking around a tonne, took pictures and checked out many booths. I even played a mini Nerf war that was going on at a stall and tried out the One Punch Man minigame Madman had at their booth.


It reminds me of why I usually like to attend cons alone. Since I really do enjoy the freedom of taking things at my own pace for the day. For a good time at a convention, I definitely got what I wanted.

Here’s the vlog I filmed of my time.

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