Being the geek I am, it’s only natural I would go to conventions regularly and in the case of Supanova Sydney 2016, I’ve been attending it for 6 years now. During which I’ve done dress up of some pretty bad cosplays that I wont show here for our sake and even started making convention vlogs beginning with last year.

Supanova Sydney 2016

I don’t think an umbrella can do much against Koro-sensei…

This year I went to Supanova Sydney 2016 on Sunday the 19th of June, my main reason for choosing that day was due to there not being as many people around as Friday & Saturday and the fact that Madman and Hanabee would be having panels to announce or discuss any news or advertise their latest releases.

But before I get to those, let’s go over my day at the con in general. While the trip to the Dome at Sydney Olympic Park was no hassle, getting a ticket mostly was. I had to walk all the way to the back where the ticket stalls were in the pouring rain with nothing but an umbrella to protect me and my jeans got soaked but thankfully my bag didn’t. Worse yet the stalls for people buying tickets had no shade while the stalls for prepaid tickets did. Thankfully they were letting people in at every side door rather then forcing them to go through the front entrance.

After that there was a lot of walking around and checking out various booths like Madman/AnimeLab’s, Hanabee’s, Siren Visual’s (even talked to one of the guys at the booth about Siren being bought out) and many others. Even bought myself a burger and chips for lunch while the line wasn’t terribly long. Plus the view from the stairs is pretty great!

Supanova Sydney 2016

Anyway it was time for Hanabee’s Panel and nothing very new was announced. They advertised new and upcoming releases like Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade WorksAldnoah.ZeroParasyteBtooom, Photo Kano etc. Showed off some new shirts and gave away new details on RTX Sydney about the VIP tickets, seating and the fact there’ll be air conditioning (which everyone in the audience cheered for).

There was even a video message from Rooster Teeth members Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross announcing themselves as guests. A fan even asks if they can yell at Miles and Kerry about the end of RWBY Vol 3 to which the hosts said yes.

Supanova Sydney 2016

RWBY wallpaper on the side of Hanabee’s booth

After that they were talking about how they were making up online sporting teams based on each state with names like the Gold Coast Seagulls, Melbourne Shields and as we made up during this section of the panel: The Sydney Slices. A very amusing time indeed.

We then got a video message from Freddie Wrong of Rocket Jump advertising the new Australian store and merch before the hosts treated us to a montage of scenes from their upcoming podcasts that will come online to their website soon. Apparently fitting into a chest and then finding a spider inside is not very fun.

The panel then ended on a Q&A session where among the things we learnt are that their Kizumonogatari release plans involves waiting for the trilogy to be completed before they release it all, and they claim that licensing issues prevent them from being screened in Australian theatres with the on-demand screenings for RWBY and Lazer Team being a special case and a ‘Tugg thing’. Beside that, I also asked if they had seen Dazza’s post on the subject to which they said yes.

The other notable question I asked was pertaining to whether there would be a dub option added to their streaming service and they in fact confirmed that dubs would be added to the site soon.

After that, Madmans panel at the AnimeLab Theatre came on despite some confusion on whether it would happen or not as Jessica McCallum, the Head of Social Media and Brand Engagement at Madman and AnimeLab fell sick and wasn’t able to fly over for the con. This didn’t matter as her AnimeLab Games panel was cancelled and Sylvester ‘Sly’ Ip was left to host the panel all by himself.

Beside all that, not much was accomplished or announced at Madman’s panel. They advertised new and upcoming releases like Your Lie in April, Assassination Classroom and Boy and the Beast, showed off AnimeLab’s most popular and viewed shows like My Hero Academia, mentioned the addition of figurines and collectables that can be bought off Madman’s online store and lastly promoted the Madman National Cosplay Championship.

Supanova Sydney 2016

Madman’s Booth with the Balloon Koro-sensei section.

The biggest portion of the panel came in talking about the upcoming Madman Anime Festival in Melbourne on September 3 and 4. Where Sly was discussing all the guests (Tiffany Grant, Yuko Miyamura and Cristina Vee for example), their One Punch Man, Sword Art Online and Tokyo Ghoul exhibitions, Maid and Butler cafes and even card tournaments. It’s going over already revealed info but it certainly makes me jealous of those in Melbourne who’ll get to attend. But that was it for Madman’s panel with only about one question asked during the Q&A session about the details on VIP tickets for the Anime Festival.

Other than that, not a whole lot happened, I just walked around and browsed so many booths and even bought one DVD while I was at it. Then I decided to leave and had a long trip home taking a few trains and bus, all while it was still pouring. But all in all, it was a fun day where I got to do a lot. It may not have lived up to my expectations in some cases (the panels I attended having nothing new to announce for instance) but like every other Supanova Sydney 2016 I’ve been to, it’s a fun time I wont stop going to.

And here’s a vlog I filmed of my time with my haul of stuff I got afterwards:

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