We’re only about a month away from the first Summer Anime of 2016 shows airing so it’s slowly but surely time for us to give you a little rundown on what there is to look forward to next season.

For the next weeks, me and several other writers on this websites will be giving you an overview on the shows we’re the most interested in to hopefully provide you with some perspective on what you should expect from this summer. So without any further delay, let’s get into the first 4 shows that I personally am excited about.

Mob Psycho 100

Starting with the obvious and the one that people seem to generally be most excited about, ONE’s second anime adaptation within a year is looking to easily be one of the most popular things to come out of 2016 and considering the popularity of One Punch Man, that’s anything but surprising. Now to be completely frank, I was never the biggest fan of the literal 2015 smash hit and although I could see the appeal, outside of its incredible animation it never did a whole lot for me. However Mob Psycho I am hoping to be much more intrigued by, mainly based on the original premise and the people working on it.

Mob Pyscho 100 is a story about emotions and not being allowed to be emotional a concept that I’m very interested in myself and I believe that if pulled off properly the show could be incredibly intriguing. Director Yuzuru Tachikawa showed in his previous work Death Parade that his shows do know how to treat emotions properly and although Mob Psycho is looking to be a very different show from that, I really do hope that some of the more graceful and quite parts do carry over to this, as I think Mob Psycho would very benefit from that.

Of course there’s also the other elephant in the room, that being Yoshimichi Kameda’s  role as the character designer. Having contributed some of the strongest cuts in One Punch Man and animated a majority of the best fights in Fullmetal Alchemst: Brotherhood, Kameda has gone from being a rising star in the Anime industry to being one of the most popular recent animators. This isn’t exactly his first time as a character designer, but it’s his first time on a big TV Project and that makes it all the more exciting. I am of course still worried about the fact that Mob Psycho will live up to none of this and will instead simply be a standard battle shounen series, but even in that case I think there’s more than enough to enjoy, based on the PV alone.

Cheer Danshi

Although much less prestigious than Mob Psycho, I still believe that Cheer Danshi is absolutely something to get excited about, for more than just cute boys jumping around! The main reason I’m looking forward to this show is in its PV with it being one of the most all around fun ones the season has had to offer so far. Its use of great animation of them dancing intertwined with standard in between parts at the school sure as hell isn’t anything new, but in combination with it’s great music it works surprisingly well!

The show’s staff holds up quite well with the by now well known Yoshida Reiko working on Series Composition and presumably scripts as well. She’s one of the biggest writers for Slice of Life and even sports Anime to date and it rarely ends up disappointing on her front. I’m a big fan of sports Anime in general and although not all of them may have been similarly memorable, there’s almost always at least a certain amount of fun to be had with them and male Cheerleading is absolutely something I wasn’t expecting to see any time soon. It’s a sport I barely know anything about and I definitely do look forward to seeing what exactly it will be like.


Speaking of sports, BATTERY is a show about baseball, a sport that I could hardly have less interest in, so luckily the show doesn’t seem to be going into the direction of strongly focusing on it, but rather seems to aim towards being a more grounded character drama. Both PVs so far are looking far from being an exciting Baseball adventure, but rather a calm coming of age story, something I would absolutely love to see BATTERY attempt. And with the staff behind the show there’s all the more reason to have confidence in that.

Director Mochizuki Tomomi has a history in Anime ranging back all the way to the 90s and has been creating prestigious works ever since with shows like “Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou” or “House of Five Leaves” being widely respected. His shows generally tend to be rather slow and focused on its characters rather than its story, exactly the kind of Anime that I want BATTERY to be. I think I can be relatively confident in saying that BATTERY is looking to be one of the strongest shows of the year and in a year as stacked as 2016 that certainly isn’t an easy task to do, but with a premise with this much potential, an incredible director and writer to back it up and one of my favorite character designers working on it there is no way for me to not get hyped!

Amaama to Inazuma

Amaama to Inazuma or Sweetness and Lightning as it’s known in English is one of the shows I’m the most excited about for only a single thing: its Preview. If you haven’t seen both of the show’s PVs I very much advise you to do so as it is possibly the most adorable thing you’ll see this entire season! Sweetness and Lightning is essentially a show about parenting and cooking and while we already have cooking this summer thanks to Shokugeki no Soma‘s second season, parenting is something anime doesn’t usually go on about outside of movies like Wolf Children or shows like Usagi Drop. That alone already makes this show very easy to be excited about, not to even talk about just how adorable Tsugumi is and if that hasn’t gotten you on board yet, we also have the director of One Week Friends on board a show that was fantastic at creating a very comfortable mood at various points in its story and that will no doubt benefit Amaama to Inazuma a lot. I could barely be more excited about this show (in fact the only show I’m more excited about this season is BATTERY) and if you’re still not looking forward, well then I can’t help you either

Anyway, that’s it for this write-up! There will be more Previews for next season in the near future so stick around for more of those and we’d love to know what are the shows you’re the most excited for? Tell us in the comments!

Posted by Jonas Mönicke

Just a german writer that spends too much time thinking and talking about cartoons and people playing computer games on his blog and twitter.


  1. Can’t say they’re shows that I’m going to be seeing next season, but you’ve definitely put them on my radar at the very least. Sport and cutesy shows are generally lower down my list anyway, but I’m never one to turn down a surprise.


    1. totally understandable, though I think that BATTERY especially could be something much much more than just another sports show! I’m generally a big fan of slower character driven shows and it’s looking like exactly that so I’m super excited to see how it’s going to turn out.


      1. To me the problem with sports shows is that a lot are formulaic. I’m not going to say, ‘Seen one, seen them all’, because that’s a way too broad of a statement, because there are always things that go on within them past just the sport focus. Looking all the way ahead to fall, I’ll be looking at trying out ‘All Out!!’ just because it involves a sport I know a bit more about, and is perhaps a way to ween myself onto watching more sports shows in general.


        1. That’s actually exactly why I’d say that you should try BATTERY since it doesn’t seem to be following that formula in the slightest. In fact maybe describing it as a sports show is already not exactly accurate, but more as a character drama that involves sports/is told through a sport much like Ping Pong or Free (although undoubtedly still very different from those two). At least that’s what I’m hoping for it to be and with the people working on it I think it’s a relatively good guess!


          1. Maybe I’ll give it a shot then, Ping Pong was fun, and I’ve heard (relatively) good things about ‘Free!’. As long as it’s not a snore fest like an actual baseball game, everything should be fine.

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