Additionally to the simple title of “Sound! Euphonium 2”, the official twitter revealed a new key visual and two character designs for the sequel to Kyoto Animation’s hit-series from spring 2015. The show is set to start airing in October, the fall anime season.

Sound! Euphonium

The key visual implies a bigger role for Asuka Tanaka, which was heavily foreshadowed toward the end of season 1 as well.

New Sound! Euphonium characters?

Sound! Euphonium

Mizore Yoroizuka

Voiced by Atsumi Tanzaki (The Perfect Insider‘s Moe Nishinosono, Terror In Resonance‘s Lisa Mishima), it’s hard to say what type of character Mizore is going to be.

Sound! Euphonium

Nozomi Kasaki

Nozomi’s voice, Nao Touyama (Kantai Collection‘s Kongou, The World God Only Knows‘ Kanon Nakagawa, Nisekoi‘s Chitoge Kirisaki) is known for her energetic personalities and recognizable english. It almost seems like a tradition to give many of her characters at least one english line (Or that’s how it should be, at least).

There’s no information on how these characters are implemented into the series or whether they’ll even be part of the ensemble. But, seeing the designs in both summer and winter uniform, we can assume that season 2 will progress the story into spring or even the second year of Highschool. Once again though, no information is given, and the character designs could just feature both styles of clothing for the sake of completion. [Plus, they look so cute!]

Sound! Euphonium

Another new announcement unrelated to those mentioned above is the return of season 1’s staff on the official website. Naoko Yamada (K-On!, Tamako Market), series director next to Tatsuya Ishihara (Clannad, The Melancholy Of Haruhi SuzumiyaLove, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!), will return, despite her involvement as director of A Silent Voice film, which is set to come out in Fall as well.

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