Siren Visual, one of four anime distributors in Australia and the oldest one we have, has been bought out by Glass Doll Films, I confirmed today at Oz Comic Con while taking to the new owners at the Siren Visual/Glass Doll Films booth.

After Fandom Post posted the news that Siren Visual was ‘under new leadership’, it was hard to confirm a source as they didn’t have one on the page. Searching around the internet only netted articles from sites that were less than steller and it was hard to pin point the truth that Siren Visual had been bought out.


Interestingly enough, when I was looking over the Oz Comic Con exhibitors, it listed Siren Visual and Glass Doll sharing a booth. While this could have confirmed the news, both companies are listed under Gryphon Entertainment.

So instead of meandering about, I went to the Siren Visual/Glass Doll booth today to confirm the news. I can confirm that Siren has been bought out by Glass Doll and that they’re currently consolidating the brands together under one roof, which will trade as Siren Visual, as they said it’s “The oldest brand”.

The Glass Doll branding will still be in effect for all the horror titles they distribute, but will be coming to the current Siren site “soon” and will be seperate from the anime side, which’ll be under the Siren branding.

They also confirmed that most of the staff working under Siren left after negotiations on how to run both companies, of which some agreed and others didn’t. That’s just business for you.

I wish the guys good luck in their venture, and I look forward to what comes from them, especially after they said they liked the “weird stuff” and pointed to RIN ~Daughters of Mnemosyne~.

Posted by Daryl Harding

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  1. Ouch! After ten years of movie reviews and interviews for various other sites, my first venture into to doing a movie review and fan site by myself is described as ‘less than stellar”. That hurts.


    1. I wasn’t calling your work less than steller, in fact I don’t know your work at all, that’s why I couldn’t trust it, and for the same reason as Fandom Post (who I can trust), there was no other source. The website on the other hand only helped in making the breaking news untrustworthy as it hurts a little to read the text on it due to the colours and the way the images were presented.

      I’m sure you’ll get there!


      1. Thanks, and txt and image style are two things I’m working on! Have a great day!


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