Sentai Filmworks voice actress Krystal LaPorte has been let go by the company after news of her roles being replaced and she has no idea why.

Following Sentai’s cast announcement for Chaika The Coffin Princess: Avenging Battle, the role of Frederica had swiched from Krystal LaPorte to Hilary Haag. Similarly, Log Horizon 2’s dub had Krystal replaced by Genevieve Simmons as Misa.

krystal laporte dragon ball premiere

The Tweet from Krystal LaPorte

Fans on Twitter speculated over these changes before LaPorte (best known as the lead Mirai Kuriyama in Beyond the Boundary) joined in. Tweeting a picture with an explanation on how Sentai had suddenly cut ties with her. Replacing all her current roles without notice and exiling her from any future work with them. All things she noted must have been decided on while she wasn’t even in Texas.

Here is the long message LaPorte wrote on twitter:

krystal laporte twitter message

The last time Krystal had used her Twitter account was back in February where the problem had begun. The social isolation teared her up, noting only 3 of her fellow voice actors have actually kept talking to her since. Plus she has been racking her brain repeatedly on if she did anything wrong. Adding on, the reason why she revealed this information was because she didn’t want fans to think she was ‘flaking’.

Krystal has also requested that fans keep supporting Sentai and the new actors to prevent any possible harassment towards them. She has also pointed out that she still has other voice over work and opportunities ahead of her. Such as Funimation, where she was announced in a supporting role in the Strike Witches Movie .

We have emailed Sentai Filmworks for any possible comments or explanations on the matter and they have yet to reply.

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