The previously announced TV Anime collaboration by TBS and Kisai Takayama has been fully unveiled. The anime was announced in August, but now has the name of Seiren.

What exactly is Seiren?

Seiren is a new anime being produced by TBS with character designer Kisai Takayama of Amagami SS fame. From the previously shown visual which showed the silhouettes of six girls, it seems the series will be somewhat like a visual novel anime, though this one is anime original. It is also possible the series will be a more traditional harem show. The new visual and PV both spotlight one girl, probably the main heroine, and not much else. As more information on the series is revealed, how excited otaku should be will become more apparent.

Seiren visual

Key Visual of Seiren

When is Seiren coming out?

The other piece of big news is the release date. The series will air on TBS in January, making it another member of the Winter 2017 anime season. Along with Masamune-kun’s Revenge and Scum’s Wish, it looks like Winter will be a season that romance fans will have a lot to choose from. As we get closer to Winter we should get a more exact date for the anime’s first episode.

The show’s offical website also opened up, which you can find here. The website currently only contains the visual and a link to the PV. As we get closer the the shows start, more information should put up on there.

I haven’t seen any of the anime he’s worked on, but that fact that they’re willing to bank a lot of hype of Takayama’s name does give me a bit of confidence about Seiren. From the images I’ve seen of Amagami the designs do seem to be quite nice.

I’ll keep most of my judgment until we find out who’ll be directing it, and of course until the show comes out.  Are you excited for Seiren? Let us know.

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