During today’s SHOWROOM livestream on September 26th, 2016 it was announced that HKT48 will be releasing their 9th single!

The title for the new single is BUGtte Iijan (バグっていいじゃん) and will act as the new theme song for the currently airing TBS anime, Kamiwaza Wanda. In addition to the title, the line-up for the new single has also been revealed and it’s quite interesting to say the least.

  • Sashihara Rino (CENTER)
  • Miyawaki Sakura
  • Kodama Haruka
  • Matsuoka Hana
  • Tomonaga Mio
  • Tanaka Yuka
  • Inoue Yuriya
  • Aramaki Misaki
  • Imamura Maria
  • Komada Hiroka
  • Tomiyoshi Asuka
  • Shimono Yuki
  • Jitoe Nene
  • Takeda Tomoka
  • Oda Ayaka
  • Tsukiashi Amane

“You gotta try out new things”

The most interesting thing about this line-up is the fact that this will be big name member, Sashihara Rino‘s first time centering a HKT48 single. Even though she has centered a few AKB48 singles in the past like their most recent single, LOVE TRIP. It’s still interesting to see her only Center a HKT single now after the group has been around for 5 years.

However this isn’t the only interesting thing about the line-up. In addition to Sashihara being the center, the members Jitoe Nene, Takeda Tomoka, Oda Ayaka Tsukiashi Amane being a part of line-up is also quite a surprise because of the fact that these 4 are still Kenkyuusei (trainee members). Regardless to say, HKT48 is trying out new things as well as taking a few risks with this new single & it honestly is something I wish SKE48 NMB48 would try doing as well.

Now the fact the single is going to be the theme song for a kids anime is interesting however LOVE TRIP is the theme song for the live action The Girl Who Leapt Through Time drama so I’m not worried it’ll be bad or anything and maybe the other 48 groups learn to take a risk or 2 and try new things from this.

Unfortunately, the release date for the single wasn’t announced but watch this space for an update.

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