With Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel right around the corner, and a PV on the way, we have to ask. What’s up with Sakura and if what happened in Fate/Zero will effect her performance in the new film?

This post has spoilers, and is VERY NSFW. View at your own discretion.

There comes a time in every adaptions pre-release lifetime where we must ask the important questions. Who are the voice actors going to be? What studio is going to be handling the animation? Is Tohsaka’s anus getting jackhammered? I am writing this letter to you in order to ask if Sakura Matou, heroine of the upcoming Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel, can use the Crest worms inside her to provide sexual stimulation during vaginal sex.

Now, this is not some half and half letter thrown together by someone who has no understanding of the ‘Nasuverse’. I have spent hundreds of hours watching and rewatching the visual novel’s H-scenes. I am the most qualified person to write this article.

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At a young age Tohsaka Sakura was given to the Matou family, where to enhance her magecraft she was implanted with Crest Worms… by being thrown into a pit full of them and violated. In Kariya Matou, who underwent a similar process, the worms physically pulse out and move across the skin. If this can be applied to any area of flesh, then we want to know if these worms can, during intercourse, run across walls to stimulate the wet weapon.

Heaven's FeelThe crest worms are modified worms that feast on the magical energy of a human, while also boosting the energy. You may notice that the beauty known as Sakura (right) differs in appearance from Kariya. In a female the effects of the worms are minimal: They remain dormant until it comes time to feast on sexual energy. Meanwhile, in a male, it shatters the spine, consume the bone marrow, eats part of the brain and cripples them. Because that’s fair right?

The worms are always active in a male, showed from the worms slithering across Kariya’s flesh. Meanwhile, they are dormant in a female until she releases sexual energy. And, from Nasu’s unique writing style, the worms glow during sex, like the way magic circuits glow.

Our evidence of this is Sakura’s H-scene in the visual novel, viewed extensively for research, where Shirou notes that he can see something glowing from her crotch, meaning most likely the worms are there and getting ready for that energy. Which brings me to the real reason I’m writing this letter, asking the very important question:

Can the worms stimulate the man in Heaven’s Feel?

Generally, the overall shape of the worms changes based on the adaption. But these are only the outside worms, we never see what’s inside, which is what really matters. We’ve established that the worms discriminate based on gender, so it is possible that the worms inside Sakura are different to the kinds you see Kariya vomit. But for purposes of this letter we will assume they are.

Heaven's Feel

Now, the penis is a very sensetive excretory organ, becoming even more so when it becomes a offensive, glittering pillar. This is especially useful when the mollusk goes into its shell. From my limited understanding of the process, any extra input greatly benefits the other recipient. In this case, with the activation from the sexual energy, could the worms somehow slide across the wet walls and help procure the mana-filled semen with greater efficieny over time.

On a slightly darker note, would it be possible for the worms to get into the man during sex, therefore turning the wormser into a praying mantis? Assumingly these worms would be the small, inside worms. Perfectly suitable to wriggle up a mans shaft, and possibly having all the normal effects on a male as they do on Kariya. Wear protection kids.

I must write that this is only for educational purposes. This could never benefit me, as I must resist the pleasures of the moral flesh in order to reach wizardry, without the worms.

Heaven's Feel

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