TPCi released the newest trailer (can be seen after the jump) for Pokémon Sun and Moon today which showcases the newest region, Alola, the new legendaries, as well as releasing a bunch of new information and screenshots!

We’ve rounded up all this information into a handy little hype post.

The above trailer introduces us to the newest mascot legendaries, Solgale and Lunala, who both share the Psychic type.Solgeleo-Pokemon Sun Moon

 Solgaleo also has the Steel typing, with the ability Full Metal Body, which at this time, we know has the same effects as Clear Body, a previous ability, and has a brand new move, Sunsteel Strike. I don’t understand why they didn’t give Solgaleo the obvious Fire typing, but instead made it a (presumably) beefed up version of Metagross, who has the ability of Clear Body, rendering them both very similar. We don’t know what the stat distribution will be like at this time so Solgaleo could be a special attacker which would complement Metagross’s physical specs.

Lunala-Pokemon Sun Moon

Lunala, the regal bat, has the duel typing of Psychic/Ghost, which makes it 4x weak to Dark, FOUR TIMES WEAK, at least you look pretty enough, though it does have the ability Shadow Shield which acts in the same way as Mulitscale, a personal favourite of mine that I run on Dragonite, and the brand new move of Moongeist Beam. Initially I was interested in the unique type combination, but knowing that it’ll be 4x weak to Dark, and looking like it won’t be defensively bulky on the physical side will crunch Lunala’s chances at being viable.

Alola Region Pokemon Sun Moon

Next up, the new region of Alola, based on the Hawaiian Islands. Alola is made up of four islands, and one man-made island in the middle, as you could see from the map above. The trailer shows off the beautiful islands as the main character walks through them. Let’s just hope we get HM03 (Surf) early or we won’t be leaving one of those islands anytime soon.

If you take a look at the highly detailed version of the map, you can see some very obvious Japanese influenced ares, including some Torii (Japanese Shrine Gates), what looks like a tower from Pokemon Heartgold/SoulSilver, and a few bathhouses.

Pokemon Sun Moon Character

The new characters of Pokemon Sun and Moon

Above is our cast of characters, who both look Hawaiian-inspired, and shouldn’t be wearing what looks like crocs. From the left we have, your new friend Hau, the player characters, the mysterious lab assistant Lillie, who plays “an important part in the story”, and the regions professor, Kukui, who needs to put a shirt on, he’s around children.

And the best part of the news today, Rotom will be apart of your Pokédex and guide you through your journey.

The RotomDex features four different sections, presumably the different islands, like how the Kalos Pokédex was split into different sections, with one of those sections called “Mele Mele”. Did I mention it has a Rotom in it? So adorable!

Nintendo have also announced that they’ll be showing off Pokémon Sun and Moon at E3, contradicting previous reports that they were only to show off Zelda U.

So, do you like what you see so far? Which game are you going to pick up?

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