A new trailer was released on Pokémon’s japanese Youtube-channel. It showed off 7 new monsters, including this generation’s Pikachu-clone, all their types and even Zygarde’s 100%-form, which had been made public a while ago, but never shown in game.

Starting off, we have Tapu Koko (jap.: Kapu Kokeko, all new names are taken from Serebii.net), a Pokémon used by Prof. Hala. The electric/fairy-type with the new ability Elecmaker, which creates an electric terrain on summon, looks both like a bird-shaped totem pole and a warrior with a mohawk. Combined with a new attack it learns, Nature Fury, it does seem to go with the theme of a guardian of nature.

Kapu Kokeko

Next off is another electric-type, and by far not the last one, Charjabug (jap.: Denjimushi). It’s bug/electric and seems to be part of the low-level bug-line featured in every generation. It is speculated to evolve from the earlier revealed Grubbin, a bug-type that love electricity. Charjabug‘s design is quite simple and, even taken literally, very compact. It personally reminds me more of a bus than a worm.


Following the first look at the new evolution screen, Charjabug evolves into Vikavolt, which is called Kuwagannon in japanese, reminiscing of popular Digimon Kuwagamon. It’s a bug/electric stag beetle with antlers formed like a railgun. With it’s ferocious design and jet-like body, it doesn’t quite seem like a low-level Bug type you’d pick up in the first forest and then store in a box for all eternity, especially seeing as it looks quite big compared to other bugs.


Drampa (jap.: Jijiron) is probably the new Pokémon with the worst pun for a name. It’s an old dragon (a chinese one, not western). While Normal/Dragon isn’t the most extravagant typing, it is a new combination never seen before (Still not a Bug/Dragon, sadly.) It has an ability called Frenzy, which raises special attack through yet unknown means, but probably if hit by super-effective attacks or through physical contact.


The most common type Water gets a new addition as well, being the exotic fish Bruxish (jap.: Hagigishiri). This Water/Psychic-type might just be the weirdest to look at, but with the new ability Dazzle, which protects it from priority-moves, it might just become common in competetive. (Fake-out Punch? More like Forget-that Punch.)


I don’t even know what to say about Cutiefly (jap.: Aburii). It’s small, it’s Bug/Fairy, it’s cute and it flies.


Next off is Pikachu’s newest cousin Togedemaru. The cuddly rodent is Electric/Steel and posesses the ability Lightning Rod.


Last, but not least, Zygarde is nothing new, but the ability Swarm Change shows off how it changes into the new 100%-form if put below a certain level of health points. Using the new attack Core Enforcer, my opinion changed from “It’s a Gundam!” to “It’s Zorro!”.



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