I sincerely hope your significant other isn’t too interested in J-RPG’s, or February 14th, 2017 might be a lonely Valentine’s Day for you. ATLUS’ Persona 5 comes out on PS3 and PS4, with an amazing premium edition to boot. (And by the time you’re done reading this article, the preorder might just be sold out, so hurry up!)

What’s in the Persona 5 box?

Let’s start off with the big thing: The “Take Your Heart” Premium Edition.


Presented in a pretty cool Collector’s Box, you can find:

  • The game (obviously) in a silver and red Steelbok Edition.
  • A Soundtrack CD containing a selection of Shoji Meguro‘s amazing music for the game (Composer of Persona 4, Catherine).
  • A 64-page hardcover artbook, filled with concept art, character designs and more!
  • A 4″-plush of mascot character Morgana to cuddle and throw around.
  • A traditional japanese school bag with Shujin Academy’s logo, the school from Persona 5!

You can get all this for $89.99, which seems like a really good price, especially considering that the limited Steelbook Edition, also coming out on February 14th, is going to cost $59.99.


Both the premium and steelbook edition are only available for Persona 5’s PS4 release, but the game will come out as a normal edition for PS3 at the price of $49.99.

Persona 5

There is no mention of the regular edition for PS4, so we can only assume the price is going to be around $50-60. The final information given is that Persona 5 will be shown at E3 next weekend, and I personally hope for Persona 5: Dancing All Night to get announced!

Europe once again gets forgotten, but at least Playstation games don’t tend to be region-locked, making import a feasible option. It’s most likely going to be worth it.


Source: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2016/06/07/persona-5-will-take-your-heart-on-valentines-day-2017/

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  1. If I can get the game somehow, then I think my significant other is going to be both lonely and upset. He doesn’t have a console to play it on!


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