Occultic;Nine has only had two episodes air so far and already been a hot bed of differing opinions. It’s also just been taken down off all legal streaming sites that were airing it.

All major streaming sites including Crunchyroll, AnimeLab, Daisuki, and Vvvvid has taken down the first two episodes of Occultic;Nine. Crunchyroll states on their page for the show;

Due to a decision by the production committee, episodes 1 and 2 are unavailable at this time. The episodes will return at a later date. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

As of now the preview for the next episode states the new episode will air one day from now, without any show information. It’s not known if it will air, or if it’ll also be pulled.


(UPDATE from Daryl Harding)

After some research, we found that the only Japanese streaming site to have anything about Occultic:Nine up is NicoNico, who are livestreaming the third episode.

Last season, we saw Regalia get delayed due to production issues. The announcement states“recognizable difference between the show’s planned quality [and the current quality]” were the reason in delaying it.

Last year, we saw Osumatsu-san‘s first episode get pulled from legal streaming and completely remade due to alleged disregard of Japanese copyright law. Japanese copyright law doesn’t have fair use protection like US law does for parody.

Why was Occultic;Nine taken down?

Occultic;Nine‘s delay is more interesting because it’s stated the delay comes from the production committee. The production committee oversees all production concerning the anime, including it’s creation, advertisement, and production.

This take down of the episodes doesn’t seem to be a production issue from the studio side, as Crunchyroll would have said as much. This seems to be a much bigger issue such as the original rights holder (MAGES.) not liking the first two episodes, or may have something to do with the novels being cancelled in favour of a visual novel.

Whatever the reason, all we know for now is that something isn’t right in the production of Occultic;Nine.

I wrote about the show as it aired. You can see my thoughts on the first episode, and maybe the second episode if it ever comes back.

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