Surprising absolutely no one, My Hero Academia is getting a second season! When? Well, that’s a different question all together.

My Hero Academia S2

The shadowy announcement in Shounen Jump

As per most of the news surrounding it’s properties, next Monday’sĀ Weekly Shounen Jump (yes, this is a leak) has announced that My Hero Academia will be getting a season two. We don’t have any details on if the staff are returning for the series at Bones, or when the series will air, but hey, more PLUS ULTRA!

I’ve heard rumours that Shounen Jump want to make Academia into it’s next big property to rivalĀ that of Naruto. With quite a large contract outlining a long-running series, filler and all. Though, due to it’s primetime slot, and the fact that another show is scheduled to air in that slot starting next season, it was looking unlikely that would be the case. Then again, it’s not unprecedented for a Shounen Jump show to change time-slots midway through an airing season.

In any case, I predict My Hero Academia will be a split-cour show with the second half airing in the upcoming Fall season (starting October), with another 13 episode run, and then another 13 episode run sometime after that, which SHOULD catch it up to the manga’s current arc, but then with it’s slow pacing, who knows?

By the looks of the series, we’ll be finishing the current 13 episode run at the chapter 21, with 95 chapters currently released. The next big arc (and my favourite so far), is the Sports Festival arc, which would no doubt take up majority of the second season and finish there with the current pace, though the key visual does give us a little hint…

Have you been watching My Hero Academia? What have you thought of it so far?

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