Fans of the comedy manga Masamune-kun’s Revenge can look forward to it’s anime adaption set for next year.  A more exact release date, director and studio were all announced!

What is Masamune-kun’s Revenge about?

Masamune-kun’s Revenge follows the titular Masamune, who was bullied for being fat. He decides enough is enough and undergoes a large weight loss so that he could get back at those that ridiculed him. Now in high school he’s become a very handsome young man, but he still harbors resent towards a girl named Adagaki Aki. He transfers to her school to have his revenge, but will it go in the way it planned? The manga started running in Monthly Comic Rex in 2012 and has been collected into 7 volumes. Seven Seas Entertainment started releasing the series in English this June.

Anime News Network has reported that the series will air in January 2017, or the Winter season of anime. The following staff for the anime were also revealed:

  • Mirai Minato (Chief Director on Fate/Kaleid) as Director
  • Michiko Yokote (Shirobako) on Series Composition and scripts
  • Kento Shimoyama (Servant x Service) on scripts
  • Yuki Sawairi (key animator, first time character designer) on character designs
  • Silver Link (Baka & Test) as the main studio

The first Key Visual was also revealed. This visual features the main characters of the show. Set to a clear blue sky we get a clear look at the four characters. One thing is quickly apparent, the producers of the anime seems to like their legs! I haven’t seen legs this nice since Sound Euphonium! Moving on, it’s nice that they’re giving us and fans of the manga a look at their beloved characters in the anime’s art style.

Masamune-kun's Revenge

That’s all the Masamune-kun news for now.  I’ve heard mixed things about the source material because it just finished an arc that was somewhat controversial among fans. Overall I’m looking forward to this anime. What are your thoughts about it though? Please think about it and let us know!

Correction: Mirai Minato was the Chief Director, not Director on Fate/Kaleid.

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