Great news for manga fans is here, because VIZ Media announced three new manga titles at their Otakon panel this year! These new pickups include some big names!

Let’s take a look at the new manga Viz Media has picked up!

Viz MediaThe first series is Sweet Blue Flowers, by Takako Shimura. This is the one that excites me the most, as a big fan of Shimura’s other work, Wandering Son. The manga follows Akira Okudaira, as she reunites with her childhood friend. Sweet Blue Flowers is a yuri manga and is often praised for it’s portrayal of it’s characters struggles. The series is eight volumes long and had a 11 episode anime adaption in 2009. I’m really excited to see what it’s like, seeing as it might be a while until more Wandering Son gets on my shelf.

Viz Media

The second series they announced is Queen’s Quality, by Kyousuke Motomi. The series is a sequel to the manga QQ Sweeper, which VIZ finished putting out a couple of months ago, which follows a girl who meets a man who calls himself a “sweeper”. The two of them spend time while cleansing spirits. I have not read the manga, I assume fans of QQ Sweeper are very excited.

Viz Media

The last series revealed is the new Zelda series. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is the latest Zelda manga to come out. The series is written by Akira Himekawa. The series began publishing earlier this year. I’m a person who has played very little Zelda, but read a lot of Zelda manga. Therefore it excites me to see this license. I’m sure many other fans of Zelda are looking forward to this release due to the popularity of the franchise.

In conclusion…

I’m pretty excited by this batch of releases. But most of all, what are your thoughts? Do VIZ Media’s pickups satisfy you? Are you planning on picking any of them up? I have some purchase to make myself, most of all I plan to buy Sweet Blue Flowers. I can hardly wait to have these on myself.  Leave your thoughts below.

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