I won’t lie, I can’t resist gay magical girls. That’s a lot more to enjoy about episode 5 of Magical Girl Raising Project though. After the intense betrayal of last week, this episode takes some time to reset the stage.

What happens in Magical Girl Raising Project episode 5?

Magical Girl Raising Project

For the most part this episode of Magical Girl Raising Project focuses on Sister Nana and her girlfriend Weiss Winterprison. Last week, I might’ve said that as a joke, but they are shown to be dating in this episode. They are also very adorable, so I see a horrible death in one of their futures, more on that later. The two of them are on a quest to stop the killings, and have the magical girls unite to put an end to the mess. Through this we get to learn more about their relationship, as well as learn about Magicaloid 44 and Cranberry.

Magicaloid loves money, and scammed Sister Nana in the past giving her advice under the guise that they’d help Weiss become a magical girl. She wasn’t expecting one to work. In this episode she gets more money from her, showing that the still is the same person as before. Cranberry, who we learn in the first magical girl in town, only cares about fighting strong opponents.  As the episode closes the new magical girl, Hardgore Alice, is on her way to see Snow White and Cranberry and La Puccele are going to fight.

Magical Girl Raising Project

Our heroine herself makes very little appearance in this episode, mostly shown to show she is developing feelings for Souta, further cementing his death as an event that will happen in the near future. I see the same thing happening to either Sister Nana or Weiss after this episode. Killing off one of two lovers is just to great a device to pass up. Now doing it twice might be a bit much for this show, but that seems to be the way it’s going.

The great use of characterization in Magical Girl Raising Project

The amount of characterization that Magical Girl Raising Project has pulled off in less than half of it’s run is somewhat impressive for a show with a cast of this size. It clearly focuses on the characters that are important at any given moment, but that’s really all it needs. This episode’s focus on characterization really improves the series. Without the backstory presented in this episode, many potential future scenes could fall flat. Without learning more about Nana, Magicaloid or Cranberry this show would have a lot less going for it.

MahoIku Pic

Visually, the best scenes this episode were the scenes in Nana and Weiss’s apartment. The scene had strong visual direction from Noriaki Saito (Log Horizon 2 episode 10) who did the storyboards, and Suzuki Kaoru (Sakurasou episode 6), who directed the episode. The visuals give you enough information through said visuals about their relationship, and strikes the feel of the room quite well. When you can get a lot of information about characters through the environment they’re in, that’s a good thing. The angles and clever usage of framing allowed this seen to stand above the rest.

MahoIku 5 3

Overall the fifth episode of Magical Girl Raising Project focused on fleshing out the characters we already know, and after an episode like last week, that’s a good thing. The battles set up at the the end of the episode are more then enough to make me look forward to next week.

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