I certainly wasn’t expecting the girls to find out the truth so quickly, but I’m happy that they did. This allows Magical Girl Raising Project to get right to the “good stuff”. So how did the good stuff turn out?

What does Magical Girl Raising Project episode 3 do?

Magical Girl Raising Project

This episode does a lot to set up the rest of the series, but mostly to set up episode 4. Going by standard light novel adaption trends, the next episode should be the end of the first novel, so we’ll be getting our first climax. As the end of the episode sets up a battle between Snow White/La Pucelle and Ruler’s team, they needed to build up the tension for now.

Whenever they aren’t talking about the rules of the game, this episode focuses on Ruler’s posse. Mostly her and Swim Swim, but the others as well. By building up their dynamic, it gives us a lot of foresight into how the big fight might go.

Magical Girl Raising Project

I’ve talked previously about how I’m positive Souta will die, and I still think this will be the case, but this episode gave other options. I’m very certain that one of Ruler or Swim Swim will die because of this battle, they wouldn’t have gotten the focus they did otherwise. The asshole loses somebody and becomes less of an asshole is a worn out tale at this point, but it still works. I could see that happening with a potential death of Swim Swim. This episode also added a big game changer for the battles.

Smaller aspects of the episode

This episode added the mechanic of trading candies, but the true purpose is stealing candies. This means that the Magical Girls who are desperate will fight their fellow players. This brings into question how the future deaths will take place. Will the girls directly kill each other with weapons, or just steal the candies and leave them to die? This will be answered next episode, and seeing how this will turn out makes me very excited.

Other smaller things that this episode did was give us a bit more on Top Speed and Calamity Mary. Top Speed is revealed to have worked with Ruler in the past, which could be relevant in the future. I also noticed that Top Speed uses “ore” to refer to herself, which is mostly used by men when speaking Japanese. I doubt this will be plot relevant though, and is simply just characterization. We get a short exchange with the robot magical girl and Calamity Mary as well. This continues to set up Calamity as a big threat, possibly an end season villain. It’s good that the show is taking the time to set up the future, and slowly flesh out it’s cast.

Magical Girl Raising Project

The visuals of Magical Girl Raising Project

Visually this episode was fairly uninteresting. As much of the episode once again takes place at night, the visual tone is consistently blue. While the pallet fits the tone of the scenes, and the location, it doesn’t do much to excite the viewer. The scenes taking place in the chat room are a nice change of pace for this reason. They offer a sharp contrast, as they use chibi designs, as well as lighter colors. These scenes add to the overall range the series proves it can pull off, but don’t do much on their own.

This episode of Magical Girl Raising Project is more focused on hyping up episode 4 than being a standout episode. The events of this episode certainly are important for the series, it seems it will really try and prove itself next week. At the very least it will add some much needed impact to next week’s deaths. I am excited to see what comes next.

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