Over the past weekend was Melbourne’s annual Oz Comic-Con event, which meant a weekend full of guests, panels and a butt-ton of cosplay, including so much Love Live! cosplay! 

Seriously, check out what we saw there!

Mostly featured in the video (it was taken by Dazza after all!) were a lot of Love Live! cosplays, including myself. I wanted to showcase one Love Live! cosplay group in particular and that is µ’s Day Dream dance group.

These Melbourne based cosplayers wore the costumes and performed to the Love Live! dance Yume no Tobira. They dedicated a lot of time for practice, meeting up a couple times a week since May to practice their dancing. This dance was performed on the main stage for Saturday’s Cosplay Active and won Best Skit! Go girls!

While the dedication to practicing and award worthy performance is a commendable effort by itself, one of the things that made this group in particular so loveable was the happy atmosphere and positive attitude that everyone of these girls carried with them.

So who are the cosplayers in this group?


Hanayo – Matryoshka Cosplay

Love Live! cosplay

Love Live! cosplay

µ’s Day Dream is not the first time Matryoshka Cosplay has cosplayed Hanayo, nor is it her first time performing in a Love Live! cosplay dance group. She shows a lot of grace in her movement and style, and clearly shows her experience in the way she moves.


Rin – Trichy Hobbit Cosplay

Love Live! cosplay

Love Live! cosplay

Trichy Hobbit has a bubbly and happy personality which is absolutely fitting for cosplaying a character like Rin. You can easily see her energy while they were dancing. Her sweet and active movements positively influenced the mood of the other members in her group and those who watched her during the performance.



Love Live! cosplay

There’s not much to say about µ’s Day Dream‘s Maki other than she is very sweet. She doesn’t yet have a cosplay page as of writing but I am exited to see the progress she makes with cosplay in the future.


Love Live! cosplay

The Honoka of µ’s Day Dream, was another girl with boundless amounts of energy, or hyped up on sugar. She was funny and active, which mixes perfectly with the personality of µ’s leader. While interacting with the other members of the group under her leadership, you could clearly see they were enjoying themselves.

Kotori – LittleFawn Cosplay

Love Live! cosplay

LittleFawn is unbelievably sweet! Though she seemed a little shy in front of a crowd, she didn’t let any of it get to her and she shone beautifully while dancing. After having seen a bit of her other cosplay work it is clear she applies her own sweet personality into all of her cosplays which shows off her own bit of individuality.

Umi – MayDay Cosplay

Love Live! cosplay

Love Live! cosplay

MayDay Cosplay is such an amazingly kind cosplayer who I’ve had the privilege to cosplay with in the past. She’s an absolute dream to team up with, putting a great deal of effort into how she portrays the characters she cosplays. This effort shows nicely in the confidence and deliberate movements when she is dancing.

Nico – Sweet red fury Cosplay

Love Live! cosplay

Sweet red fury Cosplay was just the most adorable Nico. She carried the happy energy that Nico is known for, at least publicly, with her wherever she went and blended in seamlessly the the other µ’s members. 

Nozomi – Mio Kitsui Cosplay

Love Live! cosplay

Mio Kitsui is absolutely beautiful cosplayer who can pull off so many characters with ease. Her Nozomi is no exception, showing off this same beauty with a little hint of mystery in her posing and expression, which was just perfect. All else I can say is she is the sweetest and you should check out some of her other cosplays.

Eli – Jinxie Cosplay

Love Live! cosplay

Love Live! cosplay

Jinxie is a beautiful cosplayer. During every performance I saw both on and off stage she was smiling the entire time, did not show any signs of being nervous and beamed with confidence throughout. It is apparent that Jinxie puts a lot of thought into the character she portrays making sure her own movements and mannerisms fits well with who she is portraying.

Cosplay is a difficult hobby and despite what many people say, in the community today people get judged for not only their skill level but how they look, how well they fit the character, how they act and some people go as far as to judge how good someone’s cosplay is by how much they spend on it, which is dumb. With problems like hate and discrimination in the cosplay community, it’s refreshing to see a group with dedication and determination that provides a good atmosphere to those who meet them.

So which Love Live! cosplay did you like best? Let us know down below!

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