Good news for fans of Little Witch Academia! A TV Anime has been announced today at the end of the Trigger spectacle series, Space Patrol Luluco and on the official Little Witch Academia Japanese website.

Little Witch Academia TV anime


People have been expecting this for awhile, seeing as they had previously discussed the chances of it happening, but an official announcement will bring much rejoicing!

Not much about the new TV Anime version has been announced so far. The biggest changes are that it is in fact a TV Anime, and not a ONA or something of the sort, and the other is that it’s being that it’s being produced by Toho Animation in partnership with Trigger.

There is of course more things that can be speculated. It can be assumed, but not confirmed that it will be airing on the Ultra Super Anime Time block of shows, seeing as it’s being announced at the end of Space Patrol Luluco! If it does end up being on Ultra Super Anime Time that would mean it would be coming in Fall season at the earliest, seeing as Gen Urobuchi’s puppet show is taking over the block this Summer.

It’s been confirmed by Masahiko Otsuka that Little Witch Academia will have full length episodes and that You Yoshinari, who worked as a key animator on FLCL, Kill la Kill, and Kizumonogatari will again be directing the series at Trigger.

I’m very excited to see what the reception of the new anime will be like as it comes out, as Little Witch Academia is already a fan favourite. Maybe this means I should finally go and watch the second movie?

Are you excited for the news of a Little Witch Academia anime?  Are you expecting it to be anime of the year?  Will Trigger save anime once more?  Please leave your thoughts.

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  1. It’ll be interesting to see if they’re able to make a good series out of little witch. The two OVA’s worked as one off stories, and it’ll be hard to keep it as cozy and lovable right across a series.


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