Season 2 of Kuromukuro (Episodes 14-26) finally has a release date on Netflix, but is a dub coming out too?

The Netflix page for P.A. Works’ 15th Anniversary anime Kuromukuro has updated with an October 10, 2016 date for Season 2, made up of Episodes 14 to 26.


The series is being simulcast on Netflix Japan with English subtitles. The first season had hit the service worldwide on July 4 following the P.A. Works’ exhibition at Anime Expo.

The anime follows Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma, a samurai from Japan’s Sengoku Era who awakens in present day and ends up having to continue his fight against the alien force known as Efy Dolgh. Whom he fought in his own time using one of their stolen mecha that he names the “Black Relic” (Kuromukuro). Assisting him in piloting the mecha is Yukina Shirahane, a high school student who bears a remarkable resemblance to Ken’s clan princess Yukihime.


Netflix Japan’s episode list for Kuromukuro. Note how Episode 26 releases on October 3, a week before the entire season comes worldwide.

Kuromukuro English Dub Leaked?

Notably, the series came worldwide to Netflix sub only (alongside Magi: Adventure of Sinbad), despite Netflix’s previous anime licences (Knights of Sidonia, Seven Deadly Sins and Ajin) all receiving multi-language dubs, including English.

However, it seems an English dub for Kuromukuro is in the works. A certain voice actress had listed the series on her resume. (Edit, as of November 16, 2016: I’ve been since contacted by the actress in question to remove her name and association with the show since she made a mistake listing it early.)

This comes as an honest shock since Netflix hasn’t said a word about a dub for the series being made. Though with the second season coming out very soon, it’s likely the full dub will premiere with it. It also means that an English dub for Magi: Adventure of Sinbad is possible, especially since a German dub of it is reportedly being made.

So what do you think of this news? Are you happy that the remaining episodes of Kuromukuro are finally coming worldwide? Do you still wish it was all simulcast? Are you glad an English dub of it is coming? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. So last night the eng dub was there and I watched 1 ep with it. today it is gone.


    1. Oh yes, I’m fully aware of what happened there. The whole of Season 2 was updated with its English dub available for a few days but Season 1 was never updated with it.

      Now that the dub’s been removed, I’m guessing that Netflix jumped the gun too early now and will re-upload the dub in full at a later date. Possibly the end of the month or next week. It’s telling that none of the voice actors involved publicly announced their roles when the dub was officially online, suggesting that their Non-Disclosure Agreements weren’t cleared or that dub wasn’t meant to be up yet.


    2. Evander R Francis December 8, 2016 at 2:21 am

      SAME HERE! I watched to episode 16 season 2. I called and they are claiming they didn’t even have it in English!


    3. ye i had the same thing what happend?


      1. Just a mess of stuff to put it simply. Right now Season 1 of Kuromukuro is available in Japanese, English and several other languages (including French and Italian). Season 2 is not available with any of these audio options yet but they hopefully should be soon since Season 1’s dub is staying on permanently by the look of things now.


  2. Who’s in the dub?


    1. Confirmed so far are Cherami Leigh (Yukina), Cristina Vee (Mika), Dorothy Fahn (Marina) and Anne Yatco (Hiromi). Todd Haberkorn and Johnny Yong Bosch are also in there for sure. We wont be getting a complete cast list till the dub is properly released and more actors start confirming their parts.


  3. So OK, now Netflix has season 1 episodes 1-13 English dubbed. But them it says it’s goes from there to season 2 episode 14. (Or so it says) and from there there is no English dub. 🙂 so I’m watching the rest on [nope – no links to illegal sites] love this anime


    1. Please stop watching the dub of Season 2 on kissanime, it’s gonna properly premiere on Netflix on January 13:

      Kissanime is an illegitimate website that steal profits whereas Netflix is the official and legal option to watch Kuromukuro on. It’s not very far off now and even I’m waiting on that date despite finishing Season 1 at the start of December.


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