PA Works’ 15th Anniversary show Kuromukuro finally has a worldwide Netflix release date but there’s a small catch.

As I reported on earlierKuromukuro‘s Netflix page seemed to have leaked online with a brief image of the cast and the title being ‘SHOW’, but now it fully presents the title with a release date of July 4, 2016 with some of the Japanese cast listed, a brief plot blurb and an option to add the series to ‘My List’ once it’s online.

kuromukuro netflix banner

The series is being simulcast on Netflix Japan with English subtitles. The first 13 of the 26 episodes are expected to hit the service on July 4 with the remaining half (recently teased with a new visual) assumed to come worldwide when they are done airing in Japan.

Kuromukuro Netflix Japan

The episode listings for Kuromukuro on Netflix Japan, note how episode 13 comes on July 4

I talked with Netflix Support to confirm any further details on the subject and while they couldn’t specifically confirm the release format yet, they noted that

-it’s very likely that the next episodes will continue to be added weekly right after they’re broadcasted on the channel!

A very curious answer since it means that the first 13 episodes would be uploaded in bulk and the remainder would added afterwards weekly. Quite a different change of pace in how Netflix formats its releases, but as I mentioned earlier they haven’t confirmed the release format yet so don’t take these words seriously until there’s solid confirmation.

Netflix Chat Kuromukuro

This development was teased at when the anime’s production studio P.A. Works recently opened an English section of their website in celebration of their 15th Anniversary and in promotion of them being guests at Anime Expo 2016. The news section of the site discussing the details of their Anime Expo exhibit states specifically:

At the same time as the Anime Expo 2016 exhibit and internet streaming of “Kuromukuro” begins, P.A.WORKS will launch its official English website, Twitter, and Facebook.

PA Works News Page Kuromukuro

A statement that has very much paid off as Anime Expo takes place from July 1-4, meaning the very last day is when Kuromukuro comes online.

Kuromukuro Netflix kids updated

An updated version of Kuromukuro’s page when typing the URL in Netflix Kids mode

So what do you think of this news? Are you excited to finally watch Kuromukuro even if it’s only the first half? Do you think Netflix putting up one half of the show at a time is a nice alternative to them waiting all 26 or so weeks? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. When will there be English dub :/ half of the anime got English so why not the others


    1. No clue honestly. My later post on the existence of a Kuromukuro dub ( had me guess that the dub would come around when the show’s second half hit Netflix worldwide but that just didn’t happen.

      So I guess the dub will come when it comes, same goes for the Magi: Adventure of Sinbad dub which I also found evidence for.


  2. when is the episode 27 is coming online


    1. The series only ran for 26 episodes in total. There is no episode 27 or any kind of further series announced.


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