With Valentine’s Day coming up in Kiss Him Not Me!, Serinuma not only ends up making a ton of chocolates for who she loves most, Shion, but ends up eating all the reject chocolates. This results her gaining all her weight back! Will the boys feelings hold up after this change?


Suspend Disbelief For True Beauty & Love

In the beginning of Kiss Him Not Me!, I was put off at first seeing a girl get thin in only a week, and having three boys after her affection. It is seriously unhealthy to loose that much weight in a week! But this isn’t a story about physical health. It’s just a fun shoujo series that poses the question, can a boy like a beautiful girl who is an otaku?

Kiss Him Not Me!

I was only annoyed if she was only going to be fat in the beginning and never again, which felt defeated the purpose of this love story. The boys never liked her when she was fat (except for Mutsumi). It didn’t seem fair for the boys to develop truer feelings for her after she lost all the weight. Which is why this episode is so important!

Kiss Him Not Me!

It’s great to see the boys realize that Serinuma doesn’t necessarily have to stay thin forever. After gaining all the weight back, it’s interesting to see all the characters takes on it. Nishina likes her no matter what and spoils her, while Nanashima and Shinomiya can’t stand how she looks. Igarashi is the only one torn. He makes it clear that he did like her for superficial reasons at first, but has grown to like her for who she is. At the same time though, Igarashi is still slightly put off by the new look, but not to the extreme that Shinomiya and Nanashima are.

Igarashi Transformation

This episode stays very true to the manga storyline. There isn’t much to say about the anime itself. One of the things that bother me about heavy Serinuma is how she talks. Yuu Kobayashi, Serinuma’s seiyuu, does this silly, cartoony voice. Kobayashi talks like this happy walrus, which sort of takes away from the seriousness of both her and the boys feelings. Although Kobayashi is known for doing silly and endearing voices such as Mariya Shidou in Maria-Holic. 

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It’s like the story is saying “no one could love this fat but funny cartoon character.” She also has the simplistic facial features when fat. It’s probably just another fun caricature, but I wish it could be taken a smidgen more seriously. That isn’t fair to ask though since this series is supposed to be mostly light-hearted. Which is a good thing!

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I do like the anime version of heavy Serinuma on the rooftop. They really captured her attractiveness with her hair blowing in the wind and dramatic lighting. It’s probably the only time she is seen as a beautiful, strong woman during her chubby state. This is also the scene where Igarashi notices this as well, and falls in love with her all over again. Except this time, he’ll love her no matter what she looks like.

Kiss Angst Is Real According To Experts

After the kiss with Nishina, Serinuma is obviously flustered by it. Nishina says it’s a joke, but Serinuma still thinks about it when reading her doujinshi. This is a very accurate feeling for otaku girls! Or at least, it was for me personally. When having no romantic experience, it’s easy to get excited about pairings and romantic relationships in anime. Even when it isn’t canon, it’s easy to write and talk about intimate acts, like kissing, dating, and even intimacy as a storytelling device when gushing about anime. Once it happens to the Serinuma though, it’s hard to think about that stuff so frankly .


The scene in Kiss Him Not Me! where Serinuma is looking at doujinshi of two guys kissing, she instantly thinks about the kiss with Nishina. Once you experience romantic gestures like that for the first time, you just start comparing your experience to other romantic scenes in anime.

This just further cements what Serinuma said in the beginning of the series of only wanting to be a pure observer of romantic situations, rather than an active participant. Rocket News 24 spoke with a otaku merchandise industry representative, and they said “Women mostly like to sit back and watch over the relationships taking place, not placing themselves in the picture.”

2D over 3D in Kiss Him Not Me!

In short, Serinuma is flustered by the kiss cause she rather watch romance than experience it. Hence why she made chocolate for a fictional character she felt more love for than the boys that are interested in her. She only wanted to lose weight to impress the anime staff she was going to meet, not for her love interests.

Next week in Kiss Him Not Me!, an ultimate war will be occurring between Serinuma and Nishina that only otakus take seriously: shipping wars! Will this shipping war sink Serinuma’s friendship with Nishina, and Nishina’s chances at love? Till next time!

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