It’s the yuletide season in this week’s episode of Kiss Him Not Me! All the boys want to do a typical Christmas party on Christmas Eve, but Serinuma has her own holier plans for that day. Comiket falls on Christmas Eve this year, so Mutsumi compromises once again that they help Serinuma shop at Comiket. While there, they meet a new contender that is after Serinuma’s heart as well.

Comiket Plot & Gray Butler in Kiss Him Not Me!

The first half of Kiss Him Not Me! starts with the basic Comiket plot. Serinuma obviously is experienced in going, while the boys are novices. It’s the fish out of water story, Comiket edition for the boys. Since they are planning to have a party afterwards, they split up Serinuma’s shopping. Nanashima and Igarashi shop in one pair, and Mutsumi and Shinomiya as another. Since they are shopping for BL for Serinuma, all the merchants think they’re couples shopping together. That, or they are shipping them together like Serinuma does whenever they do something cute.

Kiss Him Not Me!Kiss Him Not Me!

Later, while Serinuma is waiting for the boys, she gets harassed by a photographer trying to take her picture. In comes a handsome butler cosplayer to save the day. After it’s resolved, the boys come in to see the two. The butler is already taken with Serinuma, and kisses her hand before making his exit. Little does Serinuma know that she will be reunited with the butler at school the next day. Not only is the butler a first year student at her school, but he is a she!

Nishina Lackluster Reveal in Kiss Him Not Me!

I wanted till this episode of Kiss Him Not Me! to address how the anime handled revealing Nishina. Since I read the manga, I knew this “twist” was going to happen. What bothered me is that for people who haven’t read the manga, find this out about Nishina in the ending and opening themes. Meaning when it’s revealed that Nishina is a girl, the audience won’t be surprised at all. Sure the characters are, and thats funny to see, but it felt so anti-climatic. The twist was even in the early promotion art!

Kiss Him Not Me!

When reading the manga of Kiss Him Not Me!, they don’t show illustrations of her character till she’s introduced. Meaning when I first saw her, I really thought this was another pretty boy character. At the end of the chapter though, I thought the reveal was just going to be Nishina being in the same school as Serinuma. I remember thinking this is a basic twist but going with it. But I the way she comes down the stairs to reveal that she’s wearing a skirt is a great way to reveal her gender.

Kiss Him Not Me!

The anime, on the other hand, gave this fact away about her in the opening and ending theme animations. In the opening, they first show her in the butler cosplay, which would’ve worked by itself! Other spoilers includes Nishina and Serinuma in the hot springs, a split second of her in her girl school uniform, and again in her uniform in the group shot! In the ending theme, it only shows Nishina in a feminine formal outfit and again in her uniform.

Some Nishina Surprises

As much as I wished the anime made Nishina’s gender more of a surprise, at least it happens early on. I’m sure the manga readers don’t mind it as much, but people just watching the anime would be confused. Thinking, “was that supposed to be a surprise?” Either way, once the boys find this out as well, they don’t see her as a threat anymore. That is, until she turns up her charm and asks Serinuma to come to her house. Naturally the boys are nervous, thinking she’s one of those handsome girls that other girls fawn over because of their gentlemanly and princely traits. Just see examples like Yasuko Sugimoto in Sweet Blue Flowers and Utena Tenjou in Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Kiss Him Not Me!Kiss Him Not Me!

She invites both Serinuma and the boys to her fabulously rich home. Not only does she have a figure room, a cosplay room, and a library of manga and doushinjis, but Nishina also draws in her own doushin circle. Coincidentally, Nishina is one of Serinuma’s favorite artists. It’s an interesting dynamic to have a fellow fujoshi who also likes Serinuma. It makes the competition of her love choice more intense. The episode ends with Nishina asking the boys to pose for her for her doushins. The boys oblige, but get uncomfortable going further. So Serinuma steps up and shows them how to do a pose with Nishina. This ignites something in Nishina and ends up taking Serinuma’s first kiss!

Kiss Him Not Me!

I’ll give Kiss Him Not Me this, it’s not often that they add someone of the same gender in harem-shojou series. It’s very modern take on this kind of story. It’s also good to add another love interest who has the same interests as Serinuma. How will Serinuma be like post-kiss? Will the boys see her as more of a threat? They may since next week is the Valentine’s Day episode! Who’s love will be the truest?

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