It’s the school festival time in Kiss Him Not Me!, and Serinuma insists that the class get all dressed up for the class’s cafe! With it being a cosplay cafe in the end, Serinuma has the perfect vision for Nanashima and Igurashi, along with dressing up Shinomiya for his play. The boys on the other hand, have other plans for her.

The Reluctant Otaku Dates of Kiss Him Not Me!

The ongoing story continues of Kiss Him Not Me! with the boys always fighting for alone time with Serinuma. Well, three of them pining after her while Mutsumi just likes to hang out with Serinuma. The typical school festival episode is about Serinuma wanting to design costumes for Nanashima and Igurashi. Although then it’s discovered by the group that Shinomiya’s class is doing a play and is chosen to play Snow White. This excites Serinuma, seeing a cute boy cross-dress, and insists on designing his look as well.

Kiss Him Not Me!

As one of the planning day ends, Igarashi brings up an important point. Why are we acting as friends, when were really after Serinuma? Which is a great point to bring up! Most stories like this would’ve just had them become friends suddenly, even though their rivals. Igarashi, on the other hand, realizes his motivations like a reality show contestant. I didn’t come here to make friends, I came here to win. Nanashima and Shinomiya agree, realizing their intent as well. It isn’t until Mutsumi suggests they schedule one on one dates with Serinuma, so that everyone has alone time with here.

Serinuma doesn’t like this, wanting to hang out with all the boys as a group. She doesn’t even like any of them romantically. It stresses her out that she has to please all the boys separately. It stresses her out more that they’re considered dates. This scenario is completely normal and relatable for a show like this! This isn’t the story how uncomfortable otaku’s find dating, it’s how intimidating dating can be for a person with no experience. It can be scary, even with boys that she knows and trusts.

“This is impossible!”

Kiss Him Not Me!With that, Serinuma goes on mini dates with all four boys. Each boy comes on strong in their own ways. To them though, it’s just being flirty and showing how serious they are about her. To Serinuma, it’s too much to handle. Nanashima corners her against a wall, Igarashi holds her hand intimately, Mutsumi feeds her food, and Shinomiya accidentally falls into her boobs. Other than the last one, this is all textbook courting.

Kiss Him Not Me!

This makes Serinuma nervous, anxious, and uncomfortable. It wouldn’t even be that bad for her if it was just one boy. But it’s four! Which means quadruple the anxiety.


After some boys from another school try to hit on her and the boys come to save her, thats when she explodes. “This is impossible,” she says to the boys out of frustration. Later she breaks down, saying she can’t handle all these come-ons from the boys. All she wants is to be friends with all of them. Obviously seeing the girl they like in distress, they agree that they’ve been too forward. All four of them apologize, and agree to take things slower. They don’t say this just so they can still court her later, but to make her happy.

It’s nice to see anime boys in a shojou be so understanding and patient with a girl like Serinuma. This is honestly relatable to any girl with little to no dating experience. Despite what shojou anime suggests, it isn’t mandatory to be dating someone in high school.

Great Look But Questionable Voices in Kiss Him Not Me!

Since this show is about an otaku, and the culture festival had a cosplay cafe, naturally their would be shout-outs. There was a lot of homages to Attack on Titan in this episode, which honestly did fit! Igarashi really does look like Eren and Akane does look like Mikasa. Not to mention Serinuma could pull off Sasha. I mentioned last article that the manga was drawn by a seasoned BL mangaka, which explains why the boys were drawn so elegantly in the manga. In the transfer to anime, there is a happy medium with the BL aspects of their design, to them looking like normal high school boys.

kiss him not me

The voice acting is very good as well in Kiss Him Not Me! Every voice assigned to the characters fits their personality. Shinomiya being soft but excitable, Mutsumi soothing and sweet, and Nanashima energetic and rebellious. Even Serinuma has a nice medium of frantic sounding in otaku mode, but cute and kind in everyday. The only voice that bothers me is Yuuki Ono as Igarashi (Kuroko no Basket, Hataraku Maou-sama!, Durarara!!x2 Shou).

Igarashi is just this nice, normal guy who is on the soccer team. Hearing his voice more, Igarashi sounds a couple dial clicks too old. It works for high school boy characters like Taiga in Kuroko no Basket that Ono plays, but not for subdued Igarashi. It isn’t too distracting, but I wish Igarashi’s voice didn’t sound so deep. I’m sure it’s a given with some anime school boys where it’s acceptable, but for Igarashi’s character, It would fit better if he sounded more like his age.

Up next on Kiss Him Not Me! is the Comiket episode where Serinuma meets a new otaku friend who may also be a love interest?

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