Want to Write for Fighting for Nippon?

Welcome to Fighting for Nippon! You’re likely on this page because you’d like to volunteer to write for us, which is awesome! Writing for Fighting for Nippon can have it’s perks and downsides, both are worth it for budding writers in the Japanese pop-culture space! These editorials are unpaid at this time, but we’re working towards a paid model soon if you’d like to jump in before then, this is the perfect time.

Are you fired up to write about Japanese pop-culture?

Downsides –

  • Have to pitch editorials
  • Working with an editor
  • Sometimes having a deadline
  • Working through multiple drafts

Upsides –

  • Press access to local conventions
  • Press screenings for new anime films (USA only at the moment)
  • Working with a group of diverse, knowledgeable people
  • Interviews with Japanese creators and voice actors (if local)

The philosophy we have at Fighting for Nippon is that if the reader isn’t learning by reading our articles, then we aren’t doing it right. We almost always focus on Japanese pop-culture, be that anime, manga, idols, etc, if it’s from Japan then it’s a good fit for Fighting for Nippon!

We’re looking for writers to discuss all aspects of Japanese pop-culture.

We’re always on the lookout for more writers in this space who would like to get more experience and exposure. We’ve had writers from Fighting for Nippon move on to write for Anime News Network, Crunchyroll, Yatta-Tachi and more!

If you’d like to pitch for an ongoing editorial, or a one-off piece, shoot the editor in chief an email over at dazza[at]fightingfornippon.com with the pitch, and some background information on you!

We can’t wait to hear from you,
Mata ne~