Isekai web novels seem to be the next big thing in otaku culture, and an interesting take on it has been green lit for an anime!  The light novel Isekai Shokudou (Alternate World Restaurant) has been picked up for adaption.

Isekai Shokudou cover

According to the author, Junpei Izuzuka, his web novel/light novel will be adapted into an anime.  No further details have been announced be we should learn more soon.  No staff has been announced, but they should once there’s a more formal announcement in the near future.  He also stated the the series will be turned into a manga that will run in Young Gangan.  The manga will adapt the first chapter of the novels, but then go on it’s own route for the second.

What is Isekai Shokudou about?

The series is about the Youshoku no Nekoya (Western cuisine Cat Restaurant) where they serve Western food.  While it may seem like an ordinary restaurant, on Saturday people from “that world” come to the restaurant to enjoy food they’ve never had before.  This seems like an interesting take on the Isekai (alternate world) genre that we’ve seen with recent shows like Re:Zero.  In those stories otaku from our world go to fantasy worlds, but here people from those worlds come here for food!  Food is a very important part of culture, so the idea of experiencing food from another world is very interesting.

The light novel series has been published by Shufunotomo as part of their Hero Bunko imprint since 2015.  The third volume is set to be released on September 30th.  The web novel has been published since 2013 on Syosetu.

How do you feel about this upcoming anime?  I personally think that the Isekai genre is a very interesting to look at.  Because of this I’m always for intriguing twists on the genre like this one.  Leave your thoughts below.

Posted by Alex Jackson

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  1. >another isekai

    Seriously, this “genre” is the worst thing to have come out of anime in recent memory. Most of it is pure shameless wish fullfillment without even trying to have a decent plot — there are examples of excellent takes on the genre, like Re:Zero and Grimgar, but most of them is absolutely terrible.

    I’m not sure how I feel about this specific series, since it seems it does not feature the normal isekai formula, so I’ll try it out I guess.

    But seriously, isekai is a horrible, horrible thing. It should be telling you a lot that only very few recent isekai have been adaptated to anime, and nearly all of them feature some degrees of deconstruction of the genre. “Real” isekai series like Mushoku Tensei will (hopefully) never be adapted because of how nonsensical they get in their 30-years-old-fat-japanese-NEET pandering. People complained about No Game No Life’s world only existing to serve as masturbation aid for the MCs, but there’s so much worse lurking under the surface.


    1. I personally haven’t read many isekai stories, but I have started to read a few clever takes on the genre like The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist. That being said I do understand your feelings of distaste of the genre.


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