So with it having previously been announced that popular idol groupでんぱ組.inc) will be performing the Ending theme for the upcoming TV anime adaption of the long running Shounen Jump manga series, Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan I thought I’d sit down and shine a light on this strangely electrifying idol group.


The group was originally formed back in December, 2008 with it’s main appeal being that all the members are Otaku. They started their idol career by performing daily at Akihabara‘s DearStage live bar. Later in December of that same year the group released their first indie single Mirror Magic? under the indie label DearStage Records which as is obvious to guess is a part of the live bar they started out at. The interesting to note about this release is that they went under the name Dempagumi and not like they did later on in their career.

Skip forward about 2 years to 2010 when the group finally released their major debut which was the joint single Kiss+kiss de Owaranai / Star☆tin‘ which they released under the Lantis label. This split single was when the group tweaked their name to and not only acted as their major debut release but also acted as the major debut release for ULTRA-PRISM with Kiss+kiss de Owaranai being‘s song for the release. The songs acted as the theme songs for the eroge game Tropical KISS with Kiss+kiss de Owaranai specifically acting as the game’s Opening.

After releasing another single under Lantis in 2011, decided to switch labels once again, this time to MEME TOKYO under which they released their third major single Future Diver and to this day is the label they release new singles and albums under. promoting Future Driver

From their slowly but surely gained popularity through various means like new releasing new singles, collaborating with various artists like BiSH Nakagawa Shoko, performing at various events of which some were international like Japan Expo in France as well as staring & hosting in different kinds of dramas, movies and variety shows.


The music of is honestly one of the toughest things to describe because even though some might have an idea of what their music is like because of their collaboration with Nakagawa Shoko on the Opening theme song for the 2015 anime Punch Line you’d still be wrong about what type of music typically put out

You see,‘s music generally follows the type of music that’s called Dempa Music which is supposed to be intentionally strange yet catchy by using things like nonsensical lyrics, over-the-top tunes & off-key vocals. All of these qualities are things you’ll typically find in songs as well as their music videos.

One of my favorite songs and music videos that showcases these quirks is the song Chururi Chururi ra which is the group’s 11th single and I dare you to even try and describe what’s happening in this music video within 1 sentence without using words like insanity, randomness, chaotic etc.


Just like other long running idol groups even has had to say goodbye to members however they were only 2, those being Owata Akari who was one of the founding members of the group back when they were still performing daily at the DearStage live bar, however Owata ended up leaving the group in July of 2010. Additionally the other graduated member of was Atobe Miu who had joined the group a month prior to Owata‘s graduation, however even Atobe didn’t stick around for long because she ended up leaving the group on Christmas Day of 2011. However, luckily those were the only members the group lost in it’s 8 year life time and it doesn’t look like it’ll be losing anymore any time soon!

Furukawa Mirin

The Game idol that can sing and dance is the only remaining founding member of the group. She’s known as the main gamer of the group which you can especially see on her Twitter as you can see her frequently tweet pictures of various games and she even apparently went to E3 this year! She even streams on niconico Douga though she will still act like the typical cutesy idol as you can see when you take a look at her Instagram.

Aizawa Risa

Aizawa joined the group back in June of 2009 and as the 2.5D Legend! Additionally she’s the leader of the group and just like Furukawa, if you take a look at her Twitter you’ll be able to see how that the title 2.5D Legend wasn’t given to her for nothing. She’s especially a big fan of this one unit from Ensemble Stars.

Yumemi Nemu

The Eternal less than Magical Girl joined the group back in June of 2009 and specializes in general Otaku Research. She also works quite often as a model for magazine and even DJs as DJ Nemukyun. She additionally works as an artist of which you can sometimes see doodles she’s made on her Twitter. Though just like her fellow members, she needs to show off her idol cuteness through the use of her instagram.

Naruse Eimi

The High-energy A-POP girl joined the Dempagumi on June 3rd, 2010 and is the main Anime & Manga member to the point that she even got her own Variety show where she’s able to discuss Anime & Manga with various guests. You can also see her talk about various Anime & Manga on her twitter.

Mogami Moga

The Blonde rebel that transcends space joined the group on Christmas of 2011 and is arguably the most popular and most recognizable of the Dempagumi members. This is due in part to the fact that she’s a very active & popular gravure model, so popular in fact that she won the Next Gravure Queen Battle in 2013. Additionally, Mogami is quite an active actress, having appeared in multiple movies & dramas. However if you take a look at her Twitter or Instagram you can see that just like her fellow members she’s an Otaku just like the rest, though she’s supposedly the expert of Online Games however I could not find any evidence of that claim.

Fujisaki Ayane

The final member of the Dempagumi joined just like Mogami on Christmas of 2011. Though prior to her joining the group and up until 2013 she used to record and upload videos to niconico Douga & YouTube under the name Pinky! which showcased her dancing skills. Fujisaki‘s dancing skills even inspired her catchphrase to being When I dance, I transform! Fujisaki is also the member of the group that specializes in Cosplay which you can occasionally see on her Twitter but not often. Though just like everybody else, you’re able to see her cute idol-side over on her Instagram.

I do certainly hope that at the very least I got you interested in these weird, over-the-top yet strangely charming girls because even though I was aware of them and had been listening some of their songs, knowing more about each of the members as well as the history of the group surely made me like this group a lot more then I initially did and I can’t wait to hear the song they’ll be providing for the upcoming Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan anime! Because if I know enough about the series then I think that Dempagumi‘s music style will fit perfectly with the type of series that it is.

You’re able to follow on their official Twitter as well as through their official YouTube channel with them also having an official website where they’ll frequently release news about events or retail releases.

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