It’s been one week since you looked anime news, cocked your head to the side, and said I’m angry, or at least you should be, at least if you’re a fan of Hunter x Hunter.

Anime NewsWith again, no surprises to anyone, Weekly Shonen Jump has announced that the manga for Hunter x Hunter again goes on hiatus due to, we presume, Yoshihiro Togashi‘s ongoing health problems, and his reluctance to let anyone else touch his series.

Weekly Shounen Jump said that as of next issue, Hunter x Hunter will be going on hiatus and that they’ll let everyone know when it’ll be back.Anime News

This time round, Hunter x Hunter was serialised for ten weeks after a two year gap. Hopefully the wait for the next chapter isn’t as long!

In good Hunter x Hunter news, Toonami is showcasing the first 7 episodes of the 2011 series for a 4th of July weekend marathon!

Bleach Anime NewsIn more manga news, that may come as either comfort or TEH WORSTZ NEWS EVAR to some people, Bleach has announced that it’s going to end in X amount of chapters. Yes, that’s a X because they blacked out the number in the chapter.

All things must come to an end, especially when they’re in their ‘Final Arc’.

There’s an official English sub trailer for Love Live! Sunshine!! doing the rounds, and I couldn’t be more excited! Bring on Aquors!

A new trailer for Makoto Shinkai‘s Kimi no Na Wa. or your name. has been unleashed on the internet and it looks just as pretty as the last one. Don’t forget if you’re at Anime Expo this weekend to watch the international premiere. Lucky bastards.

Kyoto Animation‘s Naoko Yamada‘s A Silent Voice, based off the manga of the same name, has announced that it’ll be offering subtitles during it’s theatrical run, which is quite apt considering the subject material.

This really comes to no surprise as the last two Kyoto Animation films released in theatres have offered the same as did Girls Und Panzor. In fact I’d be more surprised if they didn’t, it’d be like releasing Daredevil on Netflix without audio descriptions!

Celebrations are in order for 51 year old, Kousuke Fujishima, mangaka of the Oh! My Goddess and Toppu GP, who married cosplayer 20 year old cosplayer, Nekomu Otogi, as she announced on her Facebook page:

I have married manga author and illustrator Kousuke Fujishima. I have one more thing to report, I am pregnant with a baby. I am sorry for the surprise. We want to raise it with great care.

I know it sounds sarcastic, but I hope they have a happy life together!

And finally, even though we’re nearly done with season 2 of Assassination Classroom (that last episode! ;_;), Weekly Shounen Jump has announced that the manga spin-off, Koro-sensei Q!, will be getting a film adaption alongside a compilation film of the two anime seasons.

More Koro-sensei is always a great thing, but it seems like this is just a small cash in to the Assassination Classroom name and riding that hype. I say that, though I’ll still watch it!

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