I’m sure most of you remember Studio Ufotable’s adaptation of the video game God Eater? A series with such an infamous production schedule that it suffered massive delays to the point that the final 4 episodes didn’t air until March of this year, despite premiering all the way back in July of 2015. It seems the U.S. licensor, Aniplex of America plans to make a God Eater dub, though they have yet to officially announce it.

The SAG AFTRA Database, a resource of the Screen Actors Guild, lists off a dub for God Eater, shown to have been approved on May 5th 2016. Being listed means it’s a union work, like anime dubs such as Fate/Zero, Durarara!! and Tiger & Bunny. Union dubs are known for being higher budgeted and are able to afford higher quality actors (meaning they can feature voice actors like Crispin Freeman, Steve Blum and Kari Wahlgren, who are all union only).

God Eater dub details

The necessity of God Eater being listed as a union work would be due to the fact that the original game’s English dub was also union with many union voice actors, such as Crispin, Kari and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn having major roles, thus the anime dub is assumed to be bringing back the game’s original cast, just as the Japanese version did.

Note that this has to be a listing for the anime and not for any of the games, as its contract notes it’s under the ‘2001 Modified Dubbing Agreement’ that all modern anime dubs adhere to, and is why the date listed in the search result is 2001 rather than 2016. The production company listed, ‘Unforeseen Productions, Inc.’ is a pseudonym for the recording studio Bang Zoom Entertainment, something that can be proved by searching up Unforseen Productions on the database, which lists off several of the union dubs they are credited for like the Fate Series.

fate ubw shirou and saber

Source: Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works

We reached out to Aniplex of America for a comment on the subject but they have yet to reply.

Though I suggest being on the lookout in the next few months for an official announcement from them regarding this dub, perhaps at a certain major anime convention in July even…

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