It’s a sad day for fans of Kio Shimoku’s manga Genshiken: Second Season, as it has just been announced that it will end it’s run in the next issue of Kodansha’s Afternoon.

The final chapter will be chapter 127.  The original manga started it’s original run in 2002, before it ended in 2006.  It also got two TV anime and some OVAs.  Second Season started in 2009, and got a TV anime adaption in 2013.  Second Season has also been collected into 11 volumes, so the 12th volume should be it’s last.Genshiken ending

The manga follows the circle called the “Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture” at the fictional Shiiou university.  The members of the club are mostly otaku, and the chapters go into their otaku interests, as well as some romantic plot lines between the various characters.  The announcement that it is ending isn’t a huge surprise, as that manga did seem to be wrapping up, seeing as the leads of Second Season have just finished their first year of College, but the fact that it’s coming next chapter is a big one.  Genshiken is my favorite manga, so I’m sad to see it go, but I’m also excited to see what type of ending it will have, as it’s not in the position to end the same way the original did.

This also brings me to wonder when Spotted Flower, the authors other work, will end, as it seemed to be reaching it’s conclusion as well.  For now, we can just look forward to the idea that these manga will have fantastic endings.

How do you feel about Genshiken ending once again?  Are you sad to see a favorite of yours go?  Are you happy because you feel it’s past it’s prime?  Are you still salty about the Rame harem arc?  Leave your thoughts below.


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  1. Eh, it lasted longer than the original run, so there’s that.

    Honestly, I haven’t followed it as closely as I wanted to thanks to the manga/book crash closing most of the book stores in my town and limiting selection to best seller shonen titles in the only remaining brick and mortar store (and THEY just filed for bankruptcy, too). I just can’t seem to get up the energy to order online, so I rarely read licensed titles much lately.


  2. Really, really bummed. I was looking forward to seeing Yajima get her time in the spotlight, and while there’s still room, so many plotlines were coming into play I don’t think it’ll do them all justice. I wanted to see so much: Sue struggling with graduation and moving away, Yoshitake getting a bit more development, Risa upping the pervertedness, Hato moving on to a new romance…

    Most of all, I wanted to see what Madarame would do next, which I acknowledge we may get, but… it’s not enough. Simply not enough.


    1. I am a sad that so much that they could’ve explored won’t, but I hope the author does his best with the time he has left to wrap it up.


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