The official website to the upcoming TV adaptation of Seo Kuji‘s Romance-Drama Fuuka published a short pv and a key visual showing Akitsuki Fuuka, the title character of the show.


This is the first look at the character designs for the tv show we get, with the prior announcement having been drawn by author Seo Kuji. Akitsuki Fuuka, the girl after which the manga is named, looks a lot more generic than in the manga or the adaptations of his older manga, Kimi No Iru Machi and Suzuka. Hopefully, this isn’t the final character design or it will look better in context and motion.

Speaking of motion, here’s Fuuka PV!

It doesn’t show a lot more than Akitsuki Fuuka on the school’s rooftop listening to music, a reappearing scenery from the manga. The short teaser is decently well animated, but the lack of any real features in the girls face make it hard for me to get enthusiastic about the upcoming series.

Fuuka centers around Yuu Haruna, a boy who always looks down on his phone to tweet about whatever comes to mind. Until he runs into Akitsuki Fuuka, that is. The energetic girl isn’t only named after the wind, she has the personality of a storm! And with an incredible love for music, the two of them even have something in common.

Seo Kuji’s stories always follow similar patterns and are more a story of the protagonists life than a simple love-story. While the anime will probably not go too far into the story, it also centers around music in the later parts and doesn’t just end at love blossoming, but instead covers relationships as well, which other series are often critized for missing out on. They always include Ecchi-elements as well, but they are never too present to get truly obnoxious.

All these things make Fuuka an interesting read if you fit into the target demographic, so while I’m not too fond of what has been presented for now, I am still very much looking forward to the upcoming anime!

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