Funimation as part of their partnership with Crunchyroll, have announced their Broadcast Dub lineup for the Fall 2016 season and it’s even bigger!

Announced via their blogFunimation’s Broadcast Dub (or Simuldub) lineup for the Fall 2016 Anime Season feature:

  • Drifters
  • 91 Days
  • Mob Psycho 100
  • Orange
  • ReLIFE
  • Joker Game
  • Alderamin On the Sky
  • Keijo!!!!!!!!
  • Izetta, the Last Witch
  • Yuri on Ice
  • All Out!!
  • Touken Ranbu: Hananmaru
  • Kiss Him, Not Me
  • Trickster
  • Nanbaka
  • The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (continuing from the Summer Season)
  • Puzzle & Dragons X (continuing from the Summer Season)
  • Show by Rock!! 2

The Biggest Simuldub Lineup Yet

The total comes down to 18 shows (beating their previous season’s 15) with more possibly on the way (Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On was mentioned for a simuldub in an earlier blog post as well). This lineup being the latest major move after Funimation and Crunchyroll entered their partnership, with some of Crunchyroll’s notable shows from last season like Orange and Mob Psycho 100 being a part of it.

The streaming dates and casts/crews for the dubs of these shows have yet to be announced and there’s only one second season on the list so far (Show by Rock!! 2) where a reprising cast is guaranteed. Though it should be interesting to see the approach to dubbing some of these shows, such as if accents will be added to certain characters in 91 DaysIzetta, The Last Witch or Yuri on Ice.


There are also other shows streaming this season associated with anime that Funimation own such as the Strike Witches spin off Brave Witches or the new WIXOSS series Lostorage Incited WIXOSS. So it remains to be seen if those shows will be addressed as well, with Brave Witches already confirmed to stream on Crunchyroll.


Final Words from Funimation

“Our fans love dubs and we’re very excited to bring them another record season of SimulDub shows this fall,” said Gen Fukunaga, CEO and founder of Funimation. “From new titles like ‘Drifters’ and ‘Keijo!!!!!!!!’ to fan favorites including ‘Orange’ and ‘ReLIFE’ – we have something for everyone.”

“We’re extremely pleased to once again raise the bar and bring our fans a record number of SimulDub shows this season,” said Mike DuBoise, EVP and COO of Funimation. “Our proven ability to produce a SimulDub episode within two weeks truly sets Funimation apart in the industry and enables us to not only bring content quicker to our current subscribers but also create a whole new audience by making anime more accessible with English language dubs. ”

So what do you think of this lineup? Happy to see such a large amount of shows? Impressed by the results of Funimation and Crunchyroll’s partnership? Let us know below.

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