The Summer 2016 anime season is approaching, and streaming services are going full speed ahead with new licenses. Today, Funimation has announced their second batch of new upcoming shows!

First up, to no surprise, since they have the first season, is the second season of The Heroic Legend of Arslan, subtitled Dust Storm Dance. The release date on their site has not been announced yet, but hopefully it will not be delayed too much from the Japanese release. Arslan follows a prince trying to reclaim his kingdom, which sounds quite interesting so I think I need to watch it soon.

FunimationSecond up is Cheer Boys, the one I’m personally most excited for. Cheer Boys is set to be released on July 5th, and will be released at 9:30 am CST. Cheer Boys follows young men in college becoming a cheer team, which is a concept that I haven’t seen in a show before, which gets me very excited.


Third is Puzzles and Dragons X, which I wasn’t expecting to get picked up.  The series does not have a date set for streaming yet. I know very little about this show but I bet some people are quite excited by this news.


Lastly is The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, which Funimation again hasn’t set a release date for yet. I’ve never read the manga this is based off, but I’ve been waiting a long time for an anime to come out so I could see what it’s like.


These announcements were preceded by a larger batch from last week including the shows, D. Gray Man Hallow, First Love Monster, Handa-kun, Love Live! Sunshine!!, Danganronpa 3 and and more.

What anime are that Funimation is streaming are you most looking forward to?  Do you think Funimation or Crunchyroll have a better slate this season?  Leave your thoughts below.

Posted by Alex Jackson

Avid reader of otokonoko manga and fan of slice of life. Interests include otaku cultural studies and writing fiction. Alex Jackson is a pen name.

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