Things heat up again after the cool-down of Soma’s match in Food Wars with the way the match between spice master Akira and angry seafood expert Ryou ends!

Food Wars

Food Wars Recap & Previous Predictions Challenged

I mentioned previously that the stakes of this match weren’t as the last one because I assumed that Akira was going to win since he’s made more of an impact on Soma than Ryou. But this episode took an interesting turn.

I mentioned earlier that the advertisement for this season prominently shows Soma, Ryou, and Akira. It basically gives away that those three are the final three of the Autumn Elections, which is the case currently. It’s only seven episodes in, and with how fast this season has been going, it seems as though the Autumn Election could end before we hit the thirteen episode mark.

Just to summarize what happened in that episode of Food Wars, Ryou and Akira were very evenly matched. They are both very strong chefs and both made incredible dishes. The theme was Western Style, with Akira creating a dish with duck meat and Ryou using eels. This has been said many times before, but this really was a neck and neck race.

Food warsThe Manservice is Truly Strong & Why It’s Unique

When the episode starts, it is shown how good he is at identifying spices without looking or touching them. Ryou on the other hand had to cook to survive in his kitchen, which is why he is so cut-throat when he gets into the zone. His training regime is just him working out as the episode shows with him doing push-ups and showing off his abs and muscles. This is one thing I like about Food Wars.

Man service can be hard to come by lately where cute girls are more profitable in the industry. Sure theres shounen-ai’s and shojou, but those shows are about fanservicing the girls heart. When you do get bara-type men in anime, it’s normally shows like Jojo’s Bizzarre Adventure, Dragonball Z, Bleach, or Fist of the North Star where it’s an action shounen show. Not to say girls don’t like the muscles in that show, it’s just those muscles are just to show off the man’s power and skill.

This is a cooking anime. There really isn’t a need to show nudity, boobs, butt, or muscly men. And yet, you’ll see Food Wars classified as a ecchi as one of it’s genres. In this case though, the men get just as many fanservice scenes as the girls do. For instance, the one judge Gin Dojima is often seen bathing and showing off his body in both the first and second season. And lets not forget about Satoshi Isshiki.

Food Wars

It’s also not needed to see Ryou shirtless doing push-ups before his cooking match. If the men have a muscly body to show off, Food Wars will do it, especially during the food tasting scenes. Sure, the girls may get shown off more than the boys on some occasions, but it’s still a fair trade.

Who The Winner(s) Are, Hype is Back!

Back to the main episode, the imagery in this episode is mostly about how Ryou and Akira are like two predators fighting it out since they are both strong in the cooking field compared to the rest. They also use a card game metaphor to show how they still have cards in their preparation that they can pull out like in a card game duel. Honestly, this show just wants to parody as many anime as it can while still have it about cooking, and that makes it very entertaining.

It shows off it’s knowledge and expertise in the cooking art while still being funny, beautiful, and dramatic like a good anime.

In the end, both dishes are so good that the fifth judge, Sonoka Kikuchi, can’t choose which dish is better. Normally the rules has it that if a decision can’t be reached, they have to reschedule a rematch. Since this is the Autumn Elections though and the judges don’t have free time to come back to judge again, Dojima suggests it be a draw. That way, the final will be three chefs attempting to compete instead of just two.

With that, this episode of Food Wars explains why Ryou and Akira are so prominent in the advertising. It was a twist I definitely didn’t anticipate. And again, just when I said the drama was slowing down, it is back again! Since were in the seventh episode, and past preparation episodes before matches have been only one episode, it’ll be interesting how the next six episodes will be spread out.

Can Soma beat two powerhouse chefs like Akira and Ryou? Will the preparation episodes of Food Wars be just as dramatic and interesting? Until the next episode, “Battle of Seasonality.”

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