We have reached the thrilling conclusion of the Subaru versus Soma shokugeki! Just like a typical episode of Food Wars, there were many twists and turns, but the conclusion was very much earned.

It was hard to say if the tension would still be there since Soma is always so confident in his cooking. But this time around, twists upon twists were added in Food Wars! Subaru thought he had the drop on him when when he used bacon as part of his beef stew, but Soma one-upped him with using variety of beefs for his beef stew the day of!

It turns out Subaru was being his usual creepy self and hacked into Sotsuda computer, the reporter doing the story about Soma’s shokugeki, so he could research all that Soma was doing for the shokugeki. But luckily, Soma manages to find a way to combat this, and that’s with improv cooking. In other words, Soma got all the meats for his stew the morning of his match so that Subaru couldn’t try to copy him the day of.

Food Wars

Subaru is confident that his special bacon twist will be enough to win, thinking that his meat medley would be overkill. Soma cooks and prepares all the meats separately so that way when they all get put together, it turns to as Soma puts it, a meat amusement park! Also known as “Yukihee Land,” Soma’s dish is so awesome, it’s like spending an entire day at an amusement park. 

Honestly, this is a great way to teach the lesson that sometimes, you have to work on the fly. Things can be planned to the very last detail, but sometimes you can’t plan for things to go against you. 

After winning the hearts of the judges after taking their taste buds to the most savory and happiest place on earth, the judges unanimously choose Soma as the winner!

With that, he wins back all the cooking tools that Subaru took and has everyone collect their precious tools back! It’s sincerely a very heartwarming end to this match. It’s also very satisfying to see Subaru finally be taken down. He even says that he’s willing to give up cooking now that he’s been bested. Soma gives him a playful, but hard punch to the head saying thats nonsense! Soma advises him that no matter how hard you fall in a failure, chefs still have to cook the next day to serve their customers. In short, to keep cooking, no matter how many times you fail. 

Soma is a character to look up to, because he’s willing to accept everyone and give them a fair chance. He’s also honest to everyone he comes up against, which is why he didn’t hold back with Subaru when he told him previously he couldn’t respect him as a chef before. Many characters could’ve easily hated Subaru to the bone, and even after the win, still not forgive them. But Soma is very capable of forgiveness, and believes that people can change.

This episode had a big theme, that being pride. Even though Soma had won Takumi’s mezzaluna back, Takumi doesn’t accept it. Instead, he lets Soma keep it so that he can win it back against a shokugeki against Soma in the future. Honestly with how amazing Soma is at cooking, I would find it hard to believe if he’ll ever get it back. Even so, it shows that chefs carry so much pride in this show. Even though Soma was just trying to be a good friend and won back his mezzaluna for him, Takumi couldn’t accept it back since he didn’t win it back himself.

The ethics in this show are something to look up to, teaching people that we can forgive and teach our enemies something. After hating Subaru’s guts the last couple episodes, I hope that Subaru has learned his ways and becomes of the cooking gang later on.

Food Wars

We’re only halfway through Food Wars now, after all that being said! The next battle is going to be Ryou versus Akira. It’s hard to say who may win this battle considering they are both very strong chefs, and both can stand their own against Soma. 

If I had to guess, I would predict that Akira would win against Ryou, only because Akira got a higher score than Soma during the top eight preliminaries. I can imagine the finale being the two of them doing a final face of to see if Soma can win against Akira’s master of spices. Either way, the stakes have been lowered dramatically now that Soma has beaten Subaru, and things can get back on track with the Autumn Elections.

Who will win the next match and face Soma in the finals in the next episode of Food Wars? Will it be the silent/intense Ryou? Or the master of spices Akira? And more importantly, will Erina ever get the recent manga volumes of her shojo manga!? I take it back, the stakes have been raised again! We’ll find out in the next episode, “Beasts Devouring Each Other.”


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