Marvellous has released a 4-minute long trailer on their website for the upcoming Fate/Extella, detailing all 16 servants in their upcoming beat ’em up.

The characters of Fate/Extella

  • Under the Saber class you have everyone’s favourite: The original Saber Arturia Pendragon, Attila the Hunn (Also female), Nero Claudius (Who has Arturia’s face) and Gawain.

  • Under the Archer class you have EMIYA and Gilgamesh.

  • Those who prefer the Lancer class have Cuú Chulainn, Elizabeth Bathory, and Karna.

  • Caster-wise you have Tamamo no Mae and Archimedes.

  • Riders have Iskandar from Fate/Zero and Medusa from Fate/Stay Night.

  • Unfortunately, there is only one of each in the Assassin and Berserker class, with Li Shuwen as Assassin and Ryofu Hōsen as Berserker.

  • Ruler class there is Jeanne d’ Arc, also known as Joan of Arc.


More information on Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star

Kiniko Nasu and Hikaru Sakurai are writing the main story, while Type-Moon is handling music, and Aruko Wada is lead character designer. Marvellous is handling development.

The game is releasing on November 10th in Japan, with XSEED handling the release in North America for ‘early 2017’, under the name Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star. Marvellous will release the game in Europe and Australia at the same time.

There is a limited edition, which includes a Nero Bride mousepad and extra Fate/Extella material. The Playstation 4 version will get a unique outfit for Nero Claudius called the ‘wedding bondage dress’, while on the Vita Gilgamesh gets the ‘coldhearted bloodless’ warden outfit.


The story of Fate/Extella is a bit different than what we have come to expect from Fate/Stay Night. It’s a sequel to Fate/Extra and Fate/CCC and is alternate universes of Fate/Stay Night. The game is set inside a digital world known as Serial Phantasm or SE.RA.PH, controlled by the AI Moon Cell. In the game, Servants are battling it out for control over this digital world. They are divided into three parties, Attila’s party, Nero’s party and Tamamo No Mae’s party.

What are your thoughts about Fate/Extella? Are you excited for it? Disappointed it’s just a beat ’em up? Excited that you get to control your waifu’s from Fate/Grand Order? Let us know!

UPDATE: The original article said the release date was Winter of 2016, but according to Gematsu, Fate/Extella has been delayed until early 2017 in the US, with a European delay expected to be announced. It still will release in Japan on November 10th.

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