It’s that time of the year again! E3 2016 is here and bigger than ever (most likely), with new consoles being announced (well just revisions, no NX), and brand new games (pretty sure it’s just remastered versions and sequels).

E3 2016

Check ya time zones!

How it’s gonna work is that you can either follow all of us writers on Twitter (which’ll be listed down below), or by going to our dedicated live blog page for each of the conferences we’re covering, which has all the writers on one feed.

Each liveblog will start 15 minutes before the conferences!

More pages will be added to this post once they’re created.

Twitter handles for the writers if you wanted to follow them separately –

Note that not all the writers will be live blogging each event, due to sleeping, work commitments or just doing something better than E3 watching.

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