What is this, an episode without the main characters in it? Surprisingly yes, but it featured heaps of narrative development and new Drifters.

Drifters and the Ends

”The North Wall”. The thing that keeps the big band monsters out, from Game of Thrones and now, Drifters. The Black King lead’s his troops that wouldn’t look out of place serving Sauron to attack Carneades, ‘The North Wall.’

The Black King is also accompanied by the Ends, the opposite of the Drifters. Like the Drifters, the Ends are heroes pulled from our world. But unlike the Drifters, who fight to save the world, the Ends seek to destroy it.

Among these Ends are someone you wouldn’t expect: Joan of Arc, who looks like the child of Hellsing’s Seras Victoria and Zorin Blitz. You’d think the heroic maiden who saved France from the British to be on the Drifters side, but instead, she is on the side of the Ends. And accompanied by Gilles De Rais (Who some of you may know from Fate/Zero as Caster she is deadly. Wielding fire magic and an obsession with burning, she destroys the whole city.


Meanwhile, the Octobrists are busy recruiting Hannibal, who crossed the Alps with his elephants, and Roman Emperor Scipio Africanus (Shown arguing during the last episode) to lead the army against the Ends.

So it begins…

I thought last weeks episode had plenty of action and story, but I was wrong. First, we have the Ends and the Black Kings army utterly destroying the city. Joan of Arc burns all in her wake, and the city is nearly utterly destroyed as Dragon cavalry add to the fire. And then a door opens midair and out flies a Japanese bomber jet with the pilot Naoshi Kanno literally screaming his plane back to life. Initially confused, Naoshi eventually starts having midair dogfights with the dragon cavalry, unknowingly marking him as a Drifter.

Meanwhile, the Octobrists concern themselves with making sure that Hannibal and Scipio can escape via fellow Drifters Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Still stylising violence.

With this episode set at night and on fire, this episode switches between a blue tint and a red tint. The past three episodes have had this same tint, and it’s getting repetitive. It was bright and colourful, and while that doesn’t seem to fit Kouta Hirano’s art style, it would be a nice change from the constantly blue tint of the past three episodes.

The music, by Hayato Matsuo (Hellsing Ultimate, Keijo!!!!!!!!) and Yasushi Ishii (Hellsing), was masterfully done. During the initial attack, it harkens back to the soundtrack of Lord of the Rings. When the troops are being slaughtered by the Ends, it is ominous and foreboding. And finally, during Naoshi’s attack and the Drifters escape the music is, as I said last week, very much like the fast paced electronic jazz of the original Hellsing. The scene itself is fast paced, as we rush through the city of Carneades in a horse-drawn cart thought the first person view of the Sundance Kid, who only wants a cigarette.


Everything goes by in a blur, from the soldiers Kid shoots with his dual revolvers to Butch with his his machine gun. The shots pan and cut in a quick fashion to give the entire scene a sense of pace and urgency to it.

What do I expect in the next episode of Drifters

Still enjoying Drifters as much as I did two weeks ago. Given that entire episode was action packed, I would be surprised if next week followed up with more action. The series seems to want another narrative-driven episode between the Drifters.

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